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ก่อนรัก หมุนรอบตัวเรา
ก่อนรัก หมุนรอบตัวเรา

Year: 2009

Thai title: ก่อนรัก หมุนรอบตัวเรา
English title: Before Valentine

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Jaturong Mokjok
Main actress:

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Valentine day is coming soon. This movie deals about how love changes over the years. It deals with four couples. One teen couple is having a first puppy love and have difficulty to admit their love. One thirty years old couple is having their first major crisis. The couple partners have some questions regarding children raising, regarding physical aspect change, regarding saying things frankly (ไม่เห็นความดี), regarding lack of romanticism. The third couple is a mature couple around forty five years old, in which love has disappeared. The lady has still a romantic mind but not the husband so they often quarrel. The husband starts watching closely a younger woman (สาวสวยร้านเน็ตคาเฟ่). The fourth couple is having strong misunderstandings. How are they all going to spend their valentine day? The movie is quite well filmed featuring devil inside concept when people dream and live fictive events at the same time. It is a good feeling movie with modern Thai music. The four couples are facing crisis due to jealousy and are on the verge to break up. But Valentine day is making miracles thanks to a wedding promise, a forgiving, some old souvenirs and roses (แค่นี้ก็พ่อแล้ว). Finally all couples stay together with renewed love and happy relationship.

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