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ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว
ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว

Year: 2009

Thai title: ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว
English title: Best of times

Rating: 3/5

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Two close male friends, Keng and Ong, are partying and celebrating the end of their studies. Eight years have passed. Keng has become a veterinarian. Ong was married to Fai but there was no love from Ong anymore so they have divorced. When he was a student, Keng loved Fai but Ong was the first to seduce Fai. Keng and Ong are condemned to community service works following a drinking driving sentencing. Fai loves dogs so she still meets Keng very often. Keng meets a couple of elderly people, who try to have a romance despite the son's opposition. Keng still loves Fai but he is too shy to say it. Fai knows it but her heart is still split with Ong, her former husband. Keng helps the elderly couple to live their romance through teaching them MSN chat. They go together to Chumphon. If they can live their love story, why can't Keng succeed with Fai? The grandma's son is very worried about his mother so he wishes to call the police. To help them, Keng needs to lie that he is the one having organized the trip to Chumphon and that he will meet them there. So he needs to go there and finally Fai goes also with him. Grandma has to go to America to live with her son but she doesn't want to go there. She asks to stay. Uncle Chamat compares love with the tree inside his garden (ไม่ยอมตาย), which still survived after a typhoon. Fai cannot forget easily. She still hopes that Ong will come back but Ong is going to marry again (ผมอยากได้เมียไม่ใช่เพื่อน). The grandma finally tells to her son she wants to stay in Thailand. It is discovered that the uncle Chamat has Alzheimer disease. Fai and Keng move his favorite tree from Chumphon to Bangkok so that he can be close to his roots. Despite root transplantation to somewhere else, the tree can still blossom again when love is here. Fai and Keng can now live their own love story (รักใหม่กับคนเดิม). The movie title “ความจำสั้น แต่รักฉันยาว” means Short memory but long love. There is an analogy between the young couple (Keng still loves Fai after those years) and the elderly couple (Uncle Chamat loses memory due to Alzhaimer decease but love is still here).

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