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Year: 2009

Thai title: หนีตามกาลิเลโอ
English title: Dear Galileo

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Ray McDonald
Main actress:

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Two young Thai women, Cherry and Noon, decide to go to London to change their life. They stop studying for one year in order to earn money. They enter with tourist visa and then become illegal resident when their visa expire. They are looking for work in Thai restaurants. Working conditions are difficult as police officers are looking for illegal workers. They discover the harsh reality of working environment (one is fired for arguing with a customer (เถียงลูกค้า), one is fired for being late to work). They befriend with a Thai cook, who, fed up with this illegal life, is finally caught by the police and deported. The two young women decide to go to Paris. They find a new job in a Thai restaurant. Their friendship starts to have trouble as they have often verbal arguments. Noon feels lost in France as she doesn't speak French. Noon meets a young man called Sisit. Sisit is living in an international artistic community in an old manufacturing building with no water and no electricity. The movie gives a bad image of French pharmacy as Cherry cannot get medicine to cure Noon as she has no official prescription. A romance starts between Sisit and Noon. Cherry wishes to do another job. They perform Thai traditional dances (รำไทย) in restaurant. She meets an old friend and is ahasmed as all her schoolmates have found good job. Cherry has skills in design but she stopped her studies. Sisit asks her to resume her studies. There is an analogy with Galileo, who was right (the Earth is not the center of the universe) and Cherry, who is wrong to have stopped studying. Strong foundations are needed to make a good building. Strong studies are needed to make a good adult. Cherry finds a job thanks to a director from Milano. Both friends go to Italy and reach Venezia. They find a job in pizzeria. Noon is arrested by the police as she was cheating on the food given to customers following an idea from Cherry. Noon is sent back to Thailand. Cherry feels lonely and sorry to have caused troubles to her friend. They promise to meet each other at Pisa tower and go to Paris again. This movie highlights friendship, family links, importance of studies, efforts needed to reach goals and encouragement to discover the world outside Thailand.

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