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Year: 2008

Thai title: อีติ๋มตายแน่
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Yuthlert Sippapak

Main actor: Udom Taepanich
Main actress: Asuka Yanagi,Sirin Horwang

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Ting is a looser. He is doing many small jobs (crocodile show captain, Thai boxer) in Pattaya. His performances are average. One night, he meets a Japanese tourist female, Itemi, and he becomes fond of her. His idol is a famous Thai boxer called Sky Thunder . During a Thai boxing exhibition, he gets kicked off and Sky Thunder succeeds to take over his girlfriend as he speaks fluently Japanese. Disappointed, he wanders a few days and decide to challenge Sky Thunder in an official Thai boxing match. The winner shall gain Itemi. Ting gets trained by a foreign bar owner. Despite Itemi drugging him, Ting succeeds to win but Itemi tells him she doesn't love him. Ting finally understands that a young hilltribe girl that he always put down was the one to really love him.

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