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Year: 2004

Thai title: หมานคร
English title: Citizen dog

Rating: 4/5
Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Pod quits his countryside to find a job in Bangkok. He works first in a factory and then in an office as security guard. He meets Jin who is working as a cleaning lady. Jin is obsessed with cleaning. She also searching for the meaning inside a white book she found earlier. Jin barely notices Pod's adoration, while Pod can never really communicate his love despite all his desperate attempts. Pot even decides to become taxi driver to have chance to stay longer time everyday with Ning while driving her to office. Believing that her white book was written by an environmentalist, she decides to demonstrate everyday against the usage of plastic bags and to help for recycling plastic bottles. She collects so many bottles that a huge montain made of plastic bottles emerges in Bangkok. The film's philosophy is that "if you look too hard for something, you won't see it right in front of you". This strikingly visual film with an optimistic mood earned only a meagre five million baht but it has received a Thailand National Film Association Award for Best visual effects. This movie has also been registered as National Heritage per the 2016 list released by the Thai Film Archive.

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