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Year: 1989

Thai title: ความรักของคุณฉุย
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: สุวิทย์ ชุติพงษ์

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie Thai movie ความรักของคุณฉุย was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h37mn. It was released under VHS format. Movie director is สุวิทย์ ชุติพงษ์. A few songs are featured in the movie. A second opus was released in year 1993. Chui is having love, but he doesn't disclose his dream girl. His friends wonder who the unlucky girl is! Chui is living in a Buddhist temple and is a temple boy (เด็กวัด). There is a beautiful young lady waiting for the bus just like Chui. Her name is Dalika (รัชนา ธิดาทิตย์). His friends give advice for him to seduce the young lady. It fails. The three friends are invited by Wu for his birthday party. Dalika is also present at the party. His friends ask him to follow his feelings (ตามใจ). He is chosen to do the inauguration dance and his friends push for Dalika to be chosen also. He makes funny moves. He meets Dalika at the bus stop in the morning, but in the evening Wu (จอห์นนี่ แอนโฟเน่) is bringing her back with his car. So his friends ask him to focus on the morning session. Dalika will move to a new house soon. Hard for Chui to compete with Wu. There is a sports event at the university, so his friends advise Chui to participate and to win in order to impress Dalika. Chui gets bitten by Dalika's dog when visiting her house. He needs to get multiple vaccine injections to avoid rage. Chui prepares himself to join the walk contest. Dalika requests Chui's help as her dog has disappeared. Sport contests happen. Wu wins the tennis challenge. Chui wins the walk challenge as his friends use Dalika's name to motivate him. Wu is upset about this situation. Dalika claims that Chui is only a friend. Wu brings Dalika to a love hotel, but she refuses and flees. He apologizes. On the way to Dalika's house, Wu has an accident and Dalika ends up at hospital. Chui visits Dalika every day but Wu doesn't visit claiming her parents don't let him in. He already has a new girlfriend. Chui meets Sorapong in the hospital. He is the groom chosen by Dalika's parents, so he asks Chui to stop visiting every day. Chui is sad. He declares his love to Dalika in a letter. Dalika is also confused about what to do. Her parents mention her reputation is tarnished, so they have to marry her asap. Exams are happening. Both are accepted. Chui invites Dalika to an end of year party. When going back home they meet Sorapong, who speaks badly with Chiu again. Chiu is heartbroken and leaves. Dalika wishes not to marry Sorapong, but her father doesn’t agree. Dalika goes to the Buddhist temple where Chiu lives but he has already left. The abbot recommends her to visit a Buddhist temple located on a mountain. She finally meets Chiu again on the top of Doi Suthep while Chiu is running a marathon!

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