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Year: 1985

Thai title: คนกินผัว
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Rong Kaomulkadee,Boo Wibunnan,Thuam Thoranong
Main actress:

Thai movie คนกินผัว was released in year 1985 and lasts 1h46mn. The movie is available through VCD and VHS format. Movie director is พิมพานนท์. Actors and actresses featured in this movie are ผุสรัตน์ ดารา, เอกพงศ์ วงศ์ชาตรี, แข ลดา, Rong Kaomulkadee, Boo Wibunnan. Young lady Dalika (ผุสรัตน์ ดารา) is having a rich boyfriend, called Pracha, but they cannot marry as the man hasn't divorced yet. Pracha is shot by a hitman in Bang Saen. Dalika gets help from Niwat and Sampan (Thuam Thoranong). Dalika's mother (แข ลดา) always keeps trying to marry her daughter to a rich man. She has two daughters, Kim and Dalika. As Pracha is dead, the mother needs to find a rich new bachelor. Niwat finally marries with Dalika. He doesn't inform his nephew Kingpan (เอกพงศ์ วงชาตรี) currently in USA. Being already old, Niwat dies during the honeymoon due to heart disease. Rong Kaomulkadee has a comic role. Kingpan is finally back. Kingpan wishes to save money as his uncle business is losing money. So he imposes budget reduction (เศรษฐีขี้งก). Dalika has to move from Bangkok to Bang Saen in order to work in the hotel. Kongpan has bad feelings over Dalika (ดูถูกตลอดเวลา). Hotel customer Boo Wibunnan is interested in Dalika. Dalika and Kingpan will only get the heritage if they do marry (แบ่งสมบัติสักที) but Kingpan refuses. Kingpan has a wife, called Vicky, in America already. After talking to Sampan, he needs the money for the wedding. This time Dalika refuses. Upset by his behavior, she keeps refusing. Dalika asks him to pay phone bill for USA as it is personal bill. Boo Wibunnan dies following electrocution so her third wedding tentative is a failure. Dalika still refuses to marry Kingpan as she doesn't want a fourth man to die. Seeing Kingpan unhappy and drunk, she finally accepts to marry him (แต่งในนาม) for his happiness with Vicky. On the wedding night, King gets sick. Dalika takes good care of him and they become lovers. Upset with Vicky, Kim falls in the sea after trying to kill Vicky. Ready to leave Thailand, Vicky hears Kingpan and Dalika love declaration. Dalika is pregnant with Kingpan. Knowing this, Vicky has pity over Dalika and announces Kingpan she is going back to USA alone.

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