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Year: 1985

Thai title: ผู้ใหญ่ลีกับนางมา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Phairoj Sangwaribut
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Ampha Pusit,Pissamai Wilaisak

Ma's grant-mother died so Ma comes back from Bangkok to take care of her house in Isan region. She didn't meet her grant-mother since many years as she goes to Bangkok to study. A man called Phujai Li has organized all funerals without consulting her. She doesn't want to sell her 300 rai land. She wants to handle by her-self. A local farmer called Wao helps her. He is in fact Phujai Li spying secretly to see how Bangkokian people can adapt to country-side. Ma accepts a local lady with her two children to stay in her home to help her as she was dumped by her husband. There is often no official wedding on country side. People just stay together so social problems occur when separation happens. Ma has already a fiance called Pradit but she discovers he is unfaithful so breaks up and goes back to country-side. She finally works hard to maintain the farm. Ire happens when she understands that Phujai Li and Wao are the same person. Phujai Li loves her but she is still shocked by her fiance's behavior. On top of this, Phujai Li is chased by another local lady. He asks his mother to help following his old ways (Parents ask for the bride's hand). Ma accepts to become Phujai Li's fiance even if she is not happy that he didn't ask himself. Phujai Li makes Ma looses face. Phuyai decides to become a monk for one rainy season. As Pradip, older fiance of Ma, tries to recover her so Phujai Si refuses to enter in monkhood. This movie shows the country-side seen from a city point of view and Bangkokian people becoming farmer. Finally Phujai Li becomes a monk for three months following his mother's wish to see him in yellow robes (ชายผ้าเหลือง). Pradip is chased away. Phujai Li and Ma can marry happily.

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