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Year: 1984

Thai title: แล้วเราก็รักกัน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Settha Sirachaya,Pete Thongjure
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad,Penpak Sirikul

Chalita (Jarunee Sooksawad) is managing an hotel. Penporn, daughter of the managing director Burin, is singing some songs with Kit, the new young singer recruited by Chalita. Chalita trusts Kit and lets him go out with Penporn to have fun. They join a car racing but have a serious accident. Penporn may not walk again. Kit is safe. The manager Burin is very upset by this accident as he has always considered Penporn as his own daughter (หลาน) as Penporn’s parents die when she was still a baby. Chalita is fired as she let Penporn have fun with Kit. Chalita is upset as she is not directly responsible of the accident (เรื่องของดวง). Chalita finds a new job in another hotel. Burin, realizing his mistake, wishes to recruit Chalita again by offering a salary two times higher but she refuses. Burin has a strong character, never listens to others (ไม่เห็นใจคนอื่น) and always needs to win (ต้องชนะคนอื่น). Burin believes money can buy everything. Asunee, sexy young lady, is recruited as replacement of Chalita. Kit (ลูกผู้ชาย) affirms to be responsible and will take care about Penporn. Burin forbids Kit to see Penporn again. Kit is seen by Burin as a playboy singer (นักร้อง). There is a strong contrast between Chalita and the sexy Asunee doing Aerobic in front of Burin! Finally Chalita convinces Burin to let Kit visit Penporn. It will help to give comfort to Penporn and hopefully speed up her recovery. Penporn doesn't like Asunee as she is not sincere (จิตใจ). In fact Asunee wishes to marry Burin. The hotel managed by Chalita is much more successful than the one managed by Asunee. Despite efforts from Burin (even buying the hotels she is working in), Chalita refuses to come back to work for him. To protect Penporn and Kit against Burin’s ire, Chalita finally accepts. But Burin continues to use dirty tricks (ชั่วร้าย) to try to split Penporn and Kit. Burin even asks Asunee to sleep with Kit in order to break the relationship between Kit and Penporn. But Chalita fights back. Asunee is chased away. Through collaboration (ร่วมมือ) between Burin, Chalita and Kit, Penporn succeeds to walk again! This movie is another romance movie with Toon Hiransap and Jarunee Sooksawad, famous star duo in decade 1980s.

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