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Year: 1981

Thai title: เชลยศักดิ์
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Toon Hiransap,Nirut Sirijanya,Aphorn Tonawanik
Main actress: Penpak Sirikul,Duangcheewan Komolsen,Marasri Bangchang

Two Royal family clans (ตระกูล) have strong continuing conflicts (ความอาฆาตแค้น). One clan is อัศวราช, clan from the leading actor Yothin, and สันตติวงศ์, clan from the leading actress Alissa. M.C. , father of Alissa and Atisak, is dying. He wishes to clear up the conflicts between the two clans. Yothin (โยธิน) and Atisak (อติศักดิ์) from opposite clans have a gun duel. Yothin loses and needs to be Atisak's prisoner (เชลย) for one year. He has to stay in Atisak’s estate located in countryside. He meets Alissa, Atisak’s younger sister and Anoun, the younger brother. Yothin cannot get anywhere without authorization from Atisak or Alissa (เขาเป็นทาส). Prince (เจ้าแสนไทย) Saenthai, Atisak’s friend, speaks sweetly with Alissa (อลิสา) but doesn’t have real interest into her. Yothin becomes Anoun's personal instructor. Alissa and Atisak can force Yothin’s body to execute tasks but they cannot control his spirit (จิตใจ). Yothin has a fiancee already Piromya (ภิรมยา) but he doesn't dare to see her and didn’t tell her he is now under Atisak’s orders. Saenthai has a high interest into Piromya. Prince Kanfa (เจ้าขวัญฟ้า) is having an affair (เมียน้อย) with Kaew, a domestic helper. He is acting as a butterfly with women but he wishes to marry Alissa. Yothin and Piromya still love each other. But Piromya is attracted by Kanfa. Piromya breaks up with Yothin when she learns that Yothin has become Atisak's slave. Piromya try to console with Kanfa. Yothin's father is sick but Yothin refuses to visit him to avoid having gratitude (บุญคุณ) to Atisak and Alissa. As Piromya is now pregnant, Kanfa needs to marry her but he cannot forget Alissa. Kanfa kidnaps Alissa to force her to become another wife. Yothin organises a hunt to find her. Piromya wishes to see the face of the traitor Kanfa (ผู้ทรยศหัวใจ) and dies in pregnancy while looking for Kanfa. Despite knowing Piromya’s fate and being wrong, Kanfa refuses to let Alissa go. Though an unfortunate occurrence of circumstances, Kaew stabs Kanfa. Yothin flees with Alissa and Anoun. Love emerges between Alissa and Yothin. Unfortunately Anoun dies drowned in rapids while trying to help a dog. Atisak gives back his freedom to Yothin. Yothin leaves and promises to Alissa to come back as a friend (มิตร) and not a prisoner (เชลย) anymore. This movie is based on a story written by Princess Watnanokom Prawit (วัฒโนดม ประวิตร). It was adapted two times as movies (1959 and 1981) and three times for Thai television (1983, 1991 with Likit and Jintara, 2010).

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