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Year: 1971

Thai title: ไอ้ทุย
English title: Ai Tui

Rating: 4/5
Director: Dokdin Kanyaman

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Sawin Sawangrat,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Choomporn Theppitak,Dokdin Kanyaman,Man Teeraphol
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Orasa Isarangkul,Khomapat Attaya,Chadaporn Wachirapranee,Phong Lada Pimolpan,Malalin Bonnak

Thai movie ไอ้ทุย / Ai Tui was released in year 1971 and lasts 2h25mn. Movie director is Dokdin Kanyaman. Thai movie ไอ้ทุย / Ai Tui is Dokdin Kanyaman’s first movie in 35mm format. His previous movies were in 16mm format, so they needed to be dubbed during each projection. A remastered version was released by Thai Film Archives on YouTube in year 2020. Multiple songs are featured in this movie. The Culture Ministry registers a few Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the film heritage list announced on 04 October 2018, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day. Sub district headman Chin (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) and สิงห์ มิลินทราศัย prepare a big party as an important guest will visit the village. Khun Charoon was a formal village resident and gave 100 rai to the local community. He passed away recently, so his daughter, Mae Priaw, will soon visit the village. Ai Tui is Sombat Methanee, son of sub district headman Chin. Misunderstanding happens as the villagers expect Mae Priaw to be an old lady. She is a young lady played by Petchara Chaowarat. Phong Lada Pimolpan accompanies Mae Priaw. Mae Priaw writes a song for Tui as his popular song has no lyrics except his name mentioned in loop. Ruffians storm the village trying to kidnap Mae Priaw, but Tui and villagers push them back. Bon (Orasa Isarangkul) and Bua (Khomapat Attaya) love Tui, who is very popular in the village. Finally, Khun Priaw has to go back to Bangkok. Tui promises to help if she needs anything. Khun Pliaw (Man Teeraphol) is heritage asset manager, but he is bringing trouble to Khun Priaw. Priaw is introduced to a man coming back from overseas through a singer friend (จิมมี่ หลินชง) called Wara. His face is similar to Tui despite wearing big sunglasses. He helps Khun Priaw to avoid a car accident. As Khun Priaw is not interested in Khun Pliaw, it is suspected that Khun Pliaw is behind the kidnapping or murder tentative faced by Khun Priaw. Lady Pring is back with her right-hand Tuan (Choomporn Theppitak) and her daughter Prae (Malalin Bonnak). Pring (Chadaporn Wachirapranee), just released from prison, is Khun Charoon’s sister and would like Pliaw to get rid of Priaw so that she can enjoy the heritage also. The ladies Priaw, Bua and Phong Lada agree to ask Tui to help them. In other to avoid raising Pliaw's suspicion, Tui shall pretend answering to a gardener job. While applying to the job, Tui had arguments with Tuan and Pliaw. Pring plans to get back the heritage and asks Tuan to find somebody able to forge fake signatures. Meanwhile Prae simulates friendship with Priaw. On the beach, Tui declares his love indirectly to Mae Priaw. Prae claims that Khun Priaw is waiting for Tui on a remote island. This is a trick to be alone with Tui. She drugs him to seduce him. Pliaw brings Priaw to see the scene, so that she loses faith in Tui. It is also uncovered that Tui gets a university diploma. Priaw believes Tui is a liar. Tuan puts pressure on lawyer Udom (Sawin Sawangrat). Later on, Pring requests a meeting with Khun Priaw and Udom. Udom has found a new letter from Khun Charoon. It is a new will favoring Pring and canceling the previous one favoring Priaw. Khun Priaw leaves the house. Tuan and his ruffians take the land back given by Mae Priaw to villagers. Villagers are in a bad situation. Tui convinces Khun Priaw to fight back and go to court. Tui brings Udom to testify it is a forged letter. Pring ends up in jail again, but Tuan succeeds to flee. He plans to kidnap Khun Priaw in order to get money to release Pring. Tuan and his men storm the village. Tui, his father and Wara fight with the ruffians, but Tuan succeeds in kidnap Khun Priaw. Tui chases Tuan by speed boat and succeeds in neutralizing Tuan. Priaw and Tui are reunited again.

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