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หัวใจ 100 ห้อง
หัวใจ 100 ห้อง

Year: 1974

Thai title: หัวใจ 100 ห้อง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Krung Srivilai,Phairoj Jaising
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Piyamas Monayakol,Runglawan Sripatimakul

Thai movie หัวใจ 100 ห้อง was released in year 1974. It is a lost movie in Thailand but a sequence of 1h11mn remains to be seen. Klom (Krung Srivilai) (คุณผู้ชาย) comes back home late and is drunk. Klom asks Bang, domestic helper, to bring Khun Klang (Piyamas Monayakol). Klom is very upset. Tam Niem (Phairoj Jaising) is visiting Oon (Aranya Namwong), modern woman smoking and drinking beer. Such characters were not present in 1960s Thai movies. Such characteristics were only for the bad girls but not for the main actress. As soon as Oon left the room, Tam Niem calls another woman called Pan to propose a meeting at 1PM. Krung, married man, calls also Pan for a meeting at 1PM (ดวงใจคนสวย). A third man then calls her. Pan has many boyfriends (ความรักหรือความอยาก). Pan is a modern lady also smoking. Krung gives her 1000 Baht. The third man leaves when she is sleeping and steals the 1000 Baht. Oon calls Klang and argues with her as she believes Klang wishes to steal Klom from her. Klang is still a university student. Klom likes to go to bars and is always flirting (เจ้าชู้). He is also interested in Klang. Klom and Oon had a baby. Klom complains that Oon quit him and so doesn’t allow her to come back. An older woman called Mayura, boss of a hotel, hires her lover Tam Niem as manager. Tam Niem is more interested in her daughter (Runglawan Sripatimakul) but he still keeps visiting Oon. Oon complains that Tam Niem visits her only for lust (อารมณ์ใคร่). Tam Niem brings Oon out and they meet Klom. Despite they are separated, there is jealousy to see each other with another partner. Tam Niem also likes Klang. He wishes to marry her as she represents the purity but maybe Klang has to marry Klom due to gratitude (บุญคุณ). Klom still pays for her studies despite he is separated from Oon. Tam Niem has finally a love story with Mayura’s daughter, who wishes to marry him. Tam Niem is not in hurry. Oon is now pregnant and Tam Niem is considered to be the father. Klang is very upset with him. Tam Niem promises to marry Oon. Meanwhile Klom, aware that Tam Niem also plans to marry Mayura’s daughter, calls Mayura to warn them that Tam Niem is already married with Oon. Tam Niem admits that he loves only Klang so Oon wishes to suicide. Mayura needs to revenge her daughter (เสียตัว). As Oon is about to use a gun to kill herself, Mayura shots Tam Niem three times. Oon falls from the stairs seeing Tam Niem dead. The remaining sequence ends with Oon recovering on a bed with Klang and other family members around. Using women as handkerchief has caused Tam Niem’s demise.

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