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Year: 1974

Thai title: ก้องตะวัน
English title: THE SOUND OF SUN

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan,Manop Aussawathep,Pipop Pupinyo,Thep Thienchai
Main actress: Pawana Chanajit,Khomapat Attaya

Thai movie ก้องตะวัน / THE SOUND OF SUN was released in year 1974 and lasts 1h56mn. This movie was never released in Thailand under VHS, VCD or DVD. Kiet (Yodchai Meksuwan) and Daojai (Pawana Chanajit) are stuck in the countryside as their car engine is broken. Thep Thienchai is playing Kiet's domestic helper called Ouam. The sun reverberation is particularly strong in this countryside area. They are married for 7 days. It is not a reciprocal love. Wanna, doctor's wife, is often out with Daojai. The doctor is always obedient to his wife. Kiet is sick while Daojai is away. To create interest from Daojai into Kiet, the doctor lies about a critical disease if she doesn't care more about her husband. Everything is back to normal and they do have a daughter called Sanit. One day, an old friend of Kiet, called Dom, asks him for help. The friend invites him to discuss in a bar and a lady, called Lomrak (Khomapat Attaya), pushes him to drink a lot. He finally sleeps there being drunk. Life goes back to normal but Lomrak keeps calling Kiet (หลงรัก). Kiet keeps going back home late (เมียน้อย) so Daojai is very worried. Very drunk, Lom brings back Kiet at home and meets Daojai (แม่บ้าน). Kiet wishes to use the marital room with Lomrak. Kiet slaps Ouam blaming him. Daojai, Sanit and Ouam quit the house on the same night. They take refuge in a relative's home, who is often drunk. At nighttime, Choei tries to abuse (ปล้ำ) Daojai. Kiet keeps drinking heavily (ทำผิด). Kiet has to sell his car to pay debts. He is fired from his company as 400 000 baht have disappeared from the banking accounts. Kiet is broke (หมดตัว). Kiet discovers that Lomrak is Dom's wife and that they stole his money. Dom's ruffians including Pipop Pupinyo teach him a lesson. The ruffians leave him for dead. Daojai meets อา Montri (Manop Aussawathep). Kiet starts a new life by being a car driver. Daojai and Montree see him on the road side. Daojai misses Kiet but she doesn't want to be weak in front of him so she rejects his apologies and even prevents her daughter to meet Kiet. She mentions that Montri is her new husband. Kiet and Montri have a man-to-man explanation but Dom appears and tries to shoot Kiet. To avoid any issues with Thai justice, Dom has to get rid of Kiet as he is aware of his illegal activities. Dom runs his jeep over Kiet’s leg. Due to extreme sun reverberation in this countryside area, Dom loses control of his jeep and crashes into a tree killing Lomrak. A mysterious local doctor takes care of Kiet and he can recover within seven days. Kiet, Daojai and their daughter are back together.

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