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Year: 1970

Thai title: ทุ่งมหาราช
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Sor Asanajinda

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Taksin Jampol,Choomporn Theppitak,Sithao Petcharoen,Kokheng,Tat Ekathat
Main actress: Suthisa Putnuch,Malalin Bonnak

Thai movie ทุ่งมหาราช was released in year 1970. The movie is lost in Thailand. Only one reel is left. The left sequence lasts 19 minutes and the image is quite damaged. The remaining sequence is in mute state as the reel is in 16mm format. Movie director is Sor Asanajinda. Main actors and main actresses include Sombat Methanee, Suthisa Putnuch, Taksin Jampol, Malalin Bonnak, Choomporn Theppitak, Sithao Petcharoen. A lady (Malalin Bonnak) is taking a boat. Sombat and Sithao are seen on a boat. Sombat is holding a gun and shootings happen. Scene with Choomporn, Sithao, Sombat and Suthisa holding a baby. They are having lunch along the river. Another scene is Sombat wakes up stranded on the shore near a young lady. The lady is on the shore is dead. The lady is Sombat’s lover. Chief (Tat Ekathat) is having discussion with Sombat. Sombat is discussing with an old lady in the village. Malalin Bonnak is spying them. Sombat is talking to Taksin Jampol. Soup seller is veteran comic actor Kokheng. Suthisa finds Sombat having an affair with Malalin Bonnak. Sombat is seen walking with Suthisa wearing a beautiful dress. She is probably his wife.

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