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Year: 1966

Thai title: เกิดเป็นหงส์
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Wichit Khunawut

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Adul Dulyarat
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Prim Praphaporn,Uamdeuan Uttsada

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Thiyu, a gruff cowboy, falls from his horse as it is frightened by Thula’s car klaxon. So Thiyu meets with Kramon (กระหม่อม) Thula, member of Thai aristocracy. Thiyu also meets Saengson, who is Thula’s faithful admirer. Thula’s mother pushes her to meet rich bachelor Saengson as she has debt 2 millions baht due a failed automotive business. Thiyu's mother is dead. Pathet, his half brother, has already three wives, i.e. Kwanta, Pom and Puang. Kwanta is having an affair with Viwat, house attendant. Thiyu and Kwanta are former sweethearts (แฟน) but he broke up with her as she is only interested in money and has bad behavior (หัวใจชั่ว). Pathet saw a beautiful high society lady in Bangkok and wishes her to become another of his wives (เมียใหม่). This lady is Thula... The minor wives decide to help each other (ร่วมมือ). A friendship starts between Thiyu and Thula. Saengson wishes to marry Thula but Thula chases him away and reminds him to verify with his mum first! Rumors spread by Saengson's mother mention that Thula is bankrupted. Kwanta is pregnant and wishes to flee with Viwat. Viwat doesn't want to be responsible of this kid. Viwat resigns from his job (ลาออก). Pathet is infertile (เป็นหมัน) so others know Viwat is the father. There is an heritage issue as Thiyu never got anything when his father died. He now wishes to fight back for this heritage. Pathet offers a high salary to Thula and also offers to buy back the mother's debt. As Thula’s father dies in a plane crash in Hong Kong, she accepts Pathet’s offer believing it is a job offer only. Pathet believes his money will help him to get Thula’s love. So the new member in Pathet’s house is Thula! Thiyu is so surprised. Kwanta's parents complain to Pathet about her pregnancy. Kwanta claims Thiyu is the father! Thiyu has to accept to be the father. Both are upset. Pathet believes in money power (บูชาเงิน). There is a severe misunderstanding between Thula and Thiyu. Thula is upset Thiyu has hidden to her he has a pregnant wife already. Thiyu is upset Thula accepted to be Pathet's fourth wife. Pathet took his heritage now his love. It is more than he can endure. To make Pathet jealous, Pom and Puang claims that Thiyu and Thula love each other behind his back. His money cannot buy Thula's love and he starts to be violent with Kwanta and Puang. The house becomes a hell (เป็นนรก). Fed up being Pathet's slave, Thiyu forces Thula to flee with her. Thula is upset as it is not a situation matching her position (ฐานะหญิง). Pathet chases after them. Finally all misunderstandings are cleared between Thiyu and Thula. Pathet knows he cannot get Thula's love. Through a final gun duel with Thiyu, Pathet is shot by Puang. Pathet has paid for all the bad deeds he caused to others. It is a beautifully colorful remastered 2h22 movie.

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