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Year: 2018

Thai title: ไม่มีสมุยสำหรับเธอ
English title: Samui song

Rating: 5/5
Director: Pen-Ek Ratanaruang

Main actor: David Asavanond
Main actress: Laila Boonyasak

Thai movie ไม่มีสมุยสำหรับเธอ / Samui song was released in year 2017 and lasts 1h48mn. Movie director is Pen-Ek Ratanaruang. A car accident happens as the driver tries to avoid a body on the ground. The lady driver Wee (Laila Boonyasak) is injured and ends up at hospital. She meet a man called Kai (David Asavanond) and tells him about her personal problems. Her French middle age husband, Chalom, is being influenced by a local guru (ท่าน) and is spending a lot of time in his meditation retreat. The master has bad reputation of being a butterfly man with his lady disciples. Wee doesn't believe in him. Wee talks on the phone through a toilets scene. Wee is a former Thai TV serie (ละครโทรทัศน์) star. The couple argued about this master (บ้าๆ) so she fled as her husband slapped her. While fleeing from home, she had a car accident. Kai suggests she should divorce but she is stuck as she would get nothing if she is the one initiating the divorce. Back from hospital, she stays home, and her husband is upset as the car is severely damaged. The French husband invited the master and two of his close disciples to his home. After talking religion, they ask for beer! After a while, the master asks to go to Wee's room (she is all yours). The husband tried to have masturbation while watching his wife and the guru, but he is impotent. She decides to call Kai. Kai asks for 800 000 THB. Kai needs money as his mother has Alzheimer disease. The killing doesn't end up as scheduled. Due to rainy day, he slips while going to shoot the husband. He must kill him with a heavy bronze object. In the morning, the body has disappeared. The police finds the injured body on the road. While her husband is at hospital, the master invites himself to Wee's home, but she asks him to leave. Later, buried items used during the murder tentative are found in the forest. Two ruffians follow Kai and enter in his home. He is able to get rid of them and flees with his sick mum. They take refuge in a Buddhist temple. About to steal money from the temple, he is captured by ruffians. The story moves to a movie projection on an island. A teenage girl Noi is aggressed by a man. The teenage girl is rescued and finds shelter in a young lady having a child already. They become lovers. Back home, Kai is waiting for the lady. It is Wee, who changed appearance! A fight occurs as Kai comes for revenge. The movie ends with a confusion between real life and TV series life. What is the story real or just a TV series? The movie theater release was forbidden in Thailand below 18 years old due to some troubling scenes.

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