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Year: 1987

Thai title: นางนวล
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Pantewanop Tewakul

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol
Main actress: Mai Charoeunpura,Thitima Sangkapitak

Thep is coming to his home in South of Thailand. He is the son of a famous TV serie star. He decides to teach students acting and meets a girl called Nuan, whose dream is to be a TV serie star. Thep's mother then comes to South of Thailand for holidays with her boyfriend, who is a famous TV serie producer. Willing to change her life, Nuan tries to seduce Thep's mother's boyfriend. She finally goes to Bangkok following his advice. There he takes care about her and she starts a TV serie star career. But being pregnant he forces her to abort and dumps her. In her foolish dream to continue to be a TV serie star, she accepts to play in porn movie. She finally comes back to South of Thailand in her hometown where this lovestory tragically ends.

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