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Year: 1961

Thai title: ดรรชนีนาง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Op Boonthit
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak

Thai movie ดรรชนีนาง was released in year 1961. It features Pissamai Wilaisak as main actress and Saen Surasak (แสน สุรศักดิ์) as main actor. This 16mm film is lost in Thailand but around 1h10mn is still left. The original movie features 7 songs. Two militaries, including an officer called Niran (Saen Surasak) and a veteran comic actor (พูนสวัสดิ์ ธีมากร), spy Danchanee (Pissamai Wilaisak) through binoculars. Pissamai has a gorilla protecting her and able to speak also. Pissamai is crying on the grave of her mother Danchanee Chai Lai and gets comfort from her father. Her mother died just after giving birth to Danchanee. The father warns Danchanee to beware of the soldiers. The father wants to avoid disappointment for Danchanee regarding flirting with a city dweller (หนุ่มกรุงเทพ). He welcomes the soldiers with a gun and forbids them to meet Danchanee. Following a letter given by the monkey, Danchanee meets the officer Niran at night time without waking up her father. She also meets him while her father is away catching fishes. The father is back before and see a scene between both of them (ชีวิตรัก / ลูกเสีย). Niran has to leave but promises to take care of Danchanee. Danchanee is punished (ถูกทำโทษ) by her father. Time passes. Danchanee's father brings her to Bangkok where they meet Op (อบ บุญติด), Niran's father. Danchanee is pregnant. Danchanee and her father find Niran kissing his fiancee in the swimming pool. Niran gives her money but Danchanee throws it back to him. The father gets angry and even he gets faint. They all go back to Songkhla. One day, Niran and his new wife Gnamta (งามตา ศุภพงษ์) find a bad odour in their house. Danchanee cut her small finger and sent it as wedding gift with a letter. Later Niran understands his mistake. Gnamta lets him go and Niran rushes looking for Danchanee. Her father is dead following grief. Danchanee welcomes Niran with a gun and injures him in the arm. He finally asks for forgiveness and receives it.

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