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Year: 1980

Thai title: หนึ่งน้องนางเดียว
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Tharika Thidathip,Chosri Misommon,Marasri Isarangkul

Thai movie หนึ่งน้องนางเดียว was released in year 1980 and lasts 1h18mn. Maybe the movie was cut or censored as it is a short duration for a movie. The picture quality is average. This movie is remake of movie หนึ่งน้องนางเดียว released in year 1959. The mother is played by Marasri Isarangkul. The poor family adopts an orphelin Phayak on top of their current child Phayak. Many years have passed. Narit (Sombat Methanee) is riding horse with his fiancee Nathee. Suddenly Narit falls from a horse (ตกม้า) as a snake attacks it. He gets help from PlaiWan (Pissamai Wilaisak). Phayak (ณัฐ ไชยยงค์) is her brother, who is a hunchback. Narit seduces PlaiWan (คนกรุงเทพพูดหวานอย่างนี้ทุกคนหรือค่ะ?). Phayak doesn't trust Narit. While her parents are away to cure the father's heart disease, PlaiWan and Narit become lovers. Phayak blames his sister (ใจง่าย). The father, knowing that her daughter was too easy, has a heart attack and dies. Narit is back to Bangkok and promises to come back as soon as possible. A child is born but Narit is still not back so PlaiWan decides to to Bangkok. Chosri Misommon is playing a domestic helper. Narit had to marry Nathee (Tharika Thidathip) due to some debt towards parents. In front of Nathee, Narit ignores PlaiWan and his child (เลวกว่าหมา). Narit chases them. Back home, the baby is dead and the mother dies also. PlaiWan and Phayak burn the house and leave the area to start a new life. They settle in South of Thailand and make a living by fishing. An old sorceress predicts to PlaiWan that Narit will come back to her as a slave. A spirit (ปู่) tells to Phayak where a treasure is located in the sea. They become rich and buy a beautiful home. PlaiWan is renamed as Fatima. Narit meets Fatima but he doesn't recognize PlaiWan. They become lovers again causing Phayak's ire towards this (หมาป่า). Phayak is going overseas to remove his hunch. Narit meets Methinee, a business woman but he doesn’t realize she is PlaiWan (ไม่จริงจัง). Phayak kidnaps Narit to get revenge over him. He also lies to Nathee in order to seduce her. He tortures Narit’s body but also Narit’s spirit by telling his fiancee is now his! Nathee grabs a gun but Phayak shoots her. The police arrives and shootings happen. PlaiWan releases Narit as Phayak has gone too far. Phayak finally dies as he was willing to revenge PlaiWan’s honor.

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