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Year: 1991

Thai title: แค้นต้องชำระ
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Jariya Somchana

Thai movie แค้นต้องชำระ was released in year 1991 and last 1h15mn. Main actors and actresses are Jariya Somchana (จริยา สมชนะ) and พินิจ สุวรรณมาลา. Parts of the movie might have been cut or censored for the VCD public release as the movie is shorter than usual. Daen (พินิจ สุวรรณมาลา) is working on a big tractor in a field on countryside. Young lady Deuan (Jariya Anfone), his wife, is preparing and bringing food for Daen. They meet at the waterfall. Another man, called Chai, likes Deuan a lot and keeps offering gifts to her. Daen is a bit worried. Daen dreams to have a big family with his wife Deuan and to have his own tractor. One day, three men aggress and rape Deuan but she couldn't see her faces. Daen promises to find them. Daen suspects Chai but it seems he is not responsible. Daen is upset (คิดมาก) that somebody aggressed his wife. He doesn't want to alert the village leader as Deuan couldn't see properly her aggressors as they were wearing hoods. Daen starts to have doubts on Deuan. He enquiries and talks to other village men (Plaew...) to try to find hints. Daen cannot find peacefulness. He wishes to become a monk once this issue is solved. He meets Plaew, whose behavior is weird when seeing Daen. While fighting, Plaek discloses his acolytes Win and Kae. Daen kills him and buries the body. Win theathens Deuan to disclose the truth to all villagers and asks for more favor in order to stay quiet. She accepts… Daen has to go to the district and to sleep there one night. Win and Kae, aware, take profit to visit Deuan. Daen is aware and goes back home early. It seems that Deuan is tolerating this (ติดใจ) as she doesn’t tell the truth to Daen. Daen has to act to stop this. They believe it is due to sins in a previous life (กรรมเก่า). At nighttime during a storm, Daen shoots Kae. Win starts to be worried. He knows that Daen is chasing him. Chai knows and asks Deuan to act to prevent anymore killings. But it is too late. Daen also kills Win (สัตว์นรก). Once the killings are over, Daen wishes to become a monk to clean his sins.

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