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Year: 1988

Thai title: ปีศาจสีเงิน
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Krailat Kriengkrai,Kowit Wattanakul,Bin Banleurit
Main actress: Penpak Sirikul,Marsha

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Thai movie ปีศาจสีเงิน was released in year 1988. It lasts 1h40mn. Malee (Penpak Sirikul) is working in a brothel. Bookham (Krailat Kriengkrai) sympathizes with her. Bookham discovers that his wife Chaba is having an affair (ชู้) with another man (แม่เลวที่สุด). Malee's husband Thada is only interested in the money she brings and do not hesitate to sacrifice her to take profit of her beauty. Thada is violent and heavy drinker. Malee helps Bookham to feed his baby called Duangjai. Thada is selfish (ไม่กลัวรอคเอ็ดแต่กลัวรอคอด) so he refuses to have a child. Malee finds an abandoned child and wishes to raise it (เอาเด็กมาเลี้ยง). As Thada refuses, Malee asks Bookham to keep the child for her. The child is named Maem. To pay his own debt, he even uses Malee as money replacement. Finally Thada accepts to release Malee following a last sum of money. Bookham and Malee educate the two girls. Chaba keeps visiting Bookham to get money as claiming she wants to raise her daughter Duangjai by herself but Bookham refuses so he has to give her money. Duangjai and Maem don't get along so well. The real mother Wilai finds Malee but the daughter Maem flees her and gets hit by a car. Malee has to work again as prostitute to pay the hospital bill (ความสำเร็จของลูกสำคัญกว่า) (ทำเพื่อลูก). She has to go with Yamato, a Japanese man. He finally marries her but dies shortly due to cancer. She has to take over his hotel and meets an ambitious manager called Somchat (Kowit Wattanakul). Somchat has a lover already, his own secretary but he wishes to marry Malee to steal her money. Bookham warns her but she doesn't listen as love is blind. One night, Somchat brings her in a remote bungalow. Some ruffians hit Somchat and rape Malee. Pictures to blackmail her and request for one million Baht are sent. Bookham is accused by Somchat to be the mastermind. Malee finds Somchat in bed with the secretary. The secretary asks for 1M to forget Somchat. Being an adult already, Maem (Marsha) is back from overseas. Her fiance is Doctor Bin (Bin Banleurit). Doctor Bin wishes to be a countryside doctor to help poor people but this is not the kind of life that Maem is expecting. So clash happens. Thada (แมงดา) finds a job as server in the hotel. Malee has to name him as assistant manager to keep his mouth shut (ความจำเป็นจริงๆ). She wishes to protect Maem in order that she doesn't know her origin. Somchat and his ruffians hit Thada to know Malee's past. Somchat asks for 5M baht to kept silent but is chased as he is identified as the mastermind. Malee wishes to marry Maem with Bin but she is worried that problems could happen during the wedding ceremony. Somchat wishes to bring trouble but Wilai tries to stop him as she will not let anybody brings trouble to the happiness of Maem, her real daughter. During the fight she is killed. Bookham shots Somchat. Then Thada intervenes by threatening Malee with a gun. He discloses that Malee is a prostitute (ความลับไม่มีในโลก) to all and so bringing shame to Maem. Bookham also shots Thada. Maem blames Malee but gets slapped by Bookham as Malee has done everything to bring good education to Maem (ตระกูลไม่สำคัญ ความกตัญญสำคัญ). Bookham ends up in jail. Bin confirms it doesn't change anything for him and confirms the wedding with Maem.

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