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Year: 1987

Thai title: ฉันรักผัวเขา
English title:

Rating: 4/5
Director: Manop Udomdej

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol,Apichat Halamjiak
Main actress: Sinjai Hongthai,Apiradee Pawaputanon

Am is singer in a music club. A young mysterious man called Win is coming every evening. Am refuses to sing a specific song "The last night" (คืนสุดท้าย) for him as it reminds her bad memories. She is living with her mother. She often thinks about her previous fiance, who lied to her as he had already a wife. She is now a singer and needs to be hostess with customers. A producer and a journalist are looking for new singers. They notice Am. Nowadays being capable (สามารถ) is not enough, the journalist would like to request more from Am but she doesn't play such bad game. She made a first music album with the producer. The journalist writes a bad article on Am regarding her relationship with a married man in order to boost record sales. She feels bad and drinks too much. Win brings her home. It is bad journalism. The journalist gets 2 baht per record sold. The journalist claims that nowadays talent (สามารถ) is nothing without advertisement (โฆษณา). The producer makes new songs for her, i.e "I love her husband" (ฉันรักผัวเขา) and "My heart hurts because of you" (ใจเจ็บเพราะว่าเธอ). Am accepts to sing these two songs even if she is worried that it will only corroborates the false news. Am is invited at the journalist's birthday in Cha Am. He tries to force her as he claims her success is due to him but Win knocks out the journalist and helps her. Win and Am become friends and start a relation (แฟน). The journalist continues to write bad news article on Am's love life. ช่างมันฉันไม่แคร์ - she decides to ignore the news. Am discovers that Win has two children already with a woman called Kae. They are married but live separately. Kae has already a new boyfriend (มีใหม่แล้ว). As Win is not yet divorced, Am refuses to go inside his house to protect her honor (ขายหน้า). Win's wife refuses to divorce in order to bring him troubles and to get more money. It is a difficult situation for Am as she is a middle of a broken family. The kids want the mother to stay. Kae calls the journalist. Another dirty (สกปรก) news article is published. Kae takes the two kids to use them as a means (เครื่องมือ) to force Win. She teases (แกล้ง) Win to prevent any happiness for him. She finally agrees for divorce as her children don't love her and her new boyfriend threatens to leave her. Unfortunately when happiness seems to be possible, Win dies in a car accident when going to Pattaya to meet Am. She sings his song "The last night" (คืนสุดท้าย) as a last homage for Win while crying. This movie highlights modern items in Thai society, i.e. the bad journalism, the stigmata of being a woman breaking a married couple.

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