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Year: 1952

Thai title: ทะเลรัก
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Kun Wichit Matra

Main actor:
Main actress:

ทะเลรัก is a Thai movie released in year 1952. "Thalae Rak" (ทะเลรัก) full movie was supposed to be lost. Finally in year 2013, a final 35mm copy was found belonging to a former outdoor cinema projectionist. The full movie is not available but at least two reels were saved. It was never released in any video format. A 50mn extract can be found online. The picture is still very colorful. The two reels originally in 16mm were certainly recorded again in 35mm format as the sound dubbing is still available. Western classical music is used as soundtrack. The director is ขุนวิจิตรมาตรา. There is no movie poster available. The actors are less known nowadays as only a limited number of Thai movies from decade 1950s are left to be seen. San and Meuk, two young men, love Da (ไขศรี ชุมะศาลทูล). Meuk (พิชัย วาสนาส่ง) gets two pearls and offered them to Da. Underwater shootings show Meuk looking for pearls. Two pearls are offered to young lady Da despite the risks with sharks. In a following sequence, buffalo carts are attacked by robbers. It seems they are looking for the pearls. Pearls are used on earrings. Khun Chamleng is trying to seduce a young lady. Aware of Khun Chammleng’s fishy behavior and following advice from San, Da exchanges the earrings in Chamleng’s house. In fact, Da had an affair with Chamleng before but he just took profit of Da to steal her pearls and try to use them to seduce another victim. To avoid the truth disclosing, Chamleng shots Da in the back. Fighting happens between San and Chamleng. Chamleng falls from the cliff and dies. Meuk finds Da dying but has time to give her the real pearls back. He decides to die with her in the sea.

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