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Year: 2009

Thai title: รถไฟฟ้า..มาหานะเธอ
English title: Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Sirin Horwang

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Young Bangkokian woman Li is almost thirty years old and still single. She is coming from a local Thai Chinese family. They are involved in the trading. Her father is ultra protective. Her grant-mother only speaks Chinese. All her friends are now married. She often indulges in alcohols to forget her loneliness. Ped, her best friend, just gets married. That night she drinks too much again and has a slight car accident. She meets a young man called Lung for the first time. He helps her to start again her damaged car. Her father confiscated her car because it is severely damaged as she was drunk. She has to take Bangkok public transport (boat, motorbike taxi...) to reach office as taxicab is too expensive. She meets Lung again when she takes the Bangkok Skytrain. He works in Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) company at night time. She sells solar cells at daytime and has a crazy Japanese boss. Her parents still try to do the matchmakers and present her a young immature guy called Chai. During Songkran holidays her parents are going to China as usual but she is not willing to go. She tries anything to be in touch with Lung and to raise his interest. She is a a blundering lady and breaks his glasses, laptop and then his digital camera. She tries to find ways to get his mobile number. He finally invites her for Songkran festival to play water games. When a love story could really start, Li discovers that Lung is granted to study two years in Germany so he has to leave after Songkran festival. They separate as good friends. The movie ends up happily as they meet again two years later in the skytrain. Li is now working at night time as stock trader with US market. Lung invites her for the coming Songkran festival. This movie celebrates the ten years anniversary of Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) company. The Bangkok Skytrain was opened on December 1999. This movie highlights modern ways for ladies to seduce men, i.e. give her phone number, invite to go out, be a gik (กิ๊ก)... It is in opposition between traditional way and modern way to meet a husband. Nevertheless Li's mother forgets all her principles as her daughter couldn't find a mate. The romantic comedy "Bangkok Traffic Love Story" was the biggest success at 2009 Thai box office with 150 million baht. Cris Horwang was named 2009 best actress by the Bangkok Critics Assembly Awards. The movie also criticizes Thai popular Mass media.

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