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ตะลุมพุก มหาวาตภัยล้างแผ่นดิน
ตะลุมพุก มหาวาตภัยล้างแผ่นดิน

Year: 2002

Thai title: ตะลุมพุก มหาวาตภัยล้างแผ่นดิน
English title: Taloompuk

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Chatchai Plengpanich
Main actress: Kingdao Daranee

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This movie is about the 27 oct 1962 severe storm, which devasted Pak Phanang coast and Talumphuk cape and killed 769 inhabitants. A young muslim lady is in love with a young buddhist fisherman but his parents have decided to marry her to another muslim man. The rivalry between the two men peaks when the young fisherman is accused of murder. The unwilling wedding just starts when the storm arrives in Talumpuk...This movie got two awards.

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