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Year: 1989

Thai title: เสน่หา
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Bordin Duke
Main actress: Jariya Anfone,Pissamai Wilaisak,Jhanthanee Singsuwan

Thai movie เสน่หา was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h43mn. It was released under VHS and VCD format. Multiple songs are featured in the movie. Young lady Nok (จริยา แอนโฟเน่) and Kamsen like each other (มีนัด). Nok is friend with a group of singers. The male singer Dook (บดินทร์ ดุ๊ก) is close friend with Nok. Kamsen hires Nok to promote his resort overseas. Kamsen's mother is played by Pissamai Wilaisak. Dook feels heartbroken as he knows Nok is more interested in Kamsen than him. The female singer Oi (จันทนีย์ สิงห์สุวรรณ) loves Doot. While Dook is sick, Oi takes care good care of him. The band is hired to play in the Erawan resort. Nok is pregnant and Kamsen plans to marry her. The mother heard bad rumors on Nok and asks her son to break up. As he refuses, she finds an excuse to send her son overseas in order to talk to Nok. She believes the child father is not Kamsen but the singer. Disappointed by the mother's behavior and harsh words, Nok prefers to leave. As Nok's child has no father, Dook proposes to marry her (ลงทะเบียน)(รักเหมือนเพื่อน). Back from overseas, Kamsen learns that Nok has married the singer. He feels heartbroken as his mother doesn't tell him the truth of course. The child is born. It is a daughter. Dook takes good care of the daughter. Seeing his kindness, Nok and Dook become real wife and husband. Nok is getting severely sick. A huge hospital fee has to be paid. As Dook has not enough money, he sacrifices himself and contacts Kamsen. Kamsen pays the bill. Nok and her daughter have to move back with him. Seeing he cannot win back love from Nok and from his daughter missing Dook, he lets them go back to stay as united family with Dook. Oi is heartbroken for a second time.

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