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Year: 1989

Thai title: รักเธอเท่าฟ้า
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Likit Eakmongkol,Sor Asanajinda
Main actress: Aranya Namwong,Pen Pisut

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Tik loves a young man called Mike but Tik's mother doesn't like him. She wants Tik to marry Boonsot, son of her friend. Tik, being drugged on her mother's orders, is raped by Boonsot to force her to become his wife. The wedding day turns to a tragedy. Tik's father has a fatal heart attack. Boonsot is caught by the police a few days later as he is a drug dealer. So Tik's mother decides to become a nun. Tik goes to see Mike again but Mike already has a new girlfriend. The doctor, who previously treated her father, has also interest in Tik. Finally Boonsot, who escapes from prison, saves Tik from the lawyer Khanit, who tried to rape and kill her. Being arrested again, he declares that he has always loved Tik (รักTikเท่าฟ้า) sincerely.

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