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พ่อจอมยวน แม่จอมยุ่ง
พ่อจอมยวน แม่จอมยุ่ง

Year: 1986

Thai title: พ่อจอมยวน แม่จอมยุ่ง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Pissamai Wilaisak

Chang comes back in the village after staying many years in Isan. He is employed in a construction company. The boss gets mocked as his new wife is half his age. Fon and Fa are two young ladies raised by the District Chief Officer as their real father died. Fon has a sharp tongue. Chang is not yet married and has strong interest into Fa but her younger sister Fon is protecting her. So Chang needs to convince Fon that he can change his behavior and bad habits (alcohol, party, gambling, laziness) and become a good guy. In order to stabilize their son, Chang's parents decide to help him by asking Fa's hand but there is confusion as they ask for Fon! As Fon is fed up by Fa's guidance as elder sister, she accepts. Fon forces Chang to change his behavior as she is her fiance but he is reluctant. He is fed up with a life with no liberty. When a new district officer shows interest in Fon, he is pushing for her to leave him. Finally Fon and Chang declare their love and stay together.

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