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Year: 1975

Thai title: หนี้รัก
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Nard Poowanai
Main actress: Tanyarat Lohanan,Sarinthip Siriwan

While being kids, young girl Nut meets young boy Toum and his two friends Taksin and Rangsee. They promise to never separate and to wait to each other (ความดูแลของผม) until Toum's overseas studies are over. Young girl Oon was also Nut's best friend. Years have passed. Nut's mother has died. His father sent her to study in Bangkok. Ten years have now passed. Nut (Tanyarat Lohanan) is now a beautiful young lady. The father never dared to tell her the truth but she has the disagreeable surprise to find her father has remarried with Tiyana (แม่เลี้ยง) and has three children. They finally get on well. She meets her old friend Wan. Her brother is Rangsee (Nard Poowanai) and his friends are Toum (Sombat Methanee) and Taksin, her former childhood friends. Nut is hired in Rangsee's company. Misunderstandings happen between Nut and Toum as Rangsee invites her for lunch. Toum seems to have a secret. Toum reasserts his promises done ten years to always take care about Nut. While doing shopping, Toum meets her old friend Oon. She is pregnant and the father is Toum! She is shocked to understand Toum's hidden secret (เจ็บให้จำ). Nut's grandmother (Sarinthip Siriwan) dies (อะไรที่รักคงจากไป) and Rangsee helps her while acting as the host (เจ้าภาพ). Due to a promise of wedding between Oon and Toum by their parents, Toum had no choice but to marry Oon even if he didn't love her. Nut asks for time to Rangsee as her heart is troubled. Misfortune continues for Nut with her garden house (บ้านสวน) being burnt due to a fire. Toum helps as usual. Nut accepts Rangsee's proposal to shelter her and the children. Oon is getting sick (ฝากลูก, ฝากToum) and enters coma. Oon finally dies. Toum is the one who bought the bracelet and the garden house to avoid somebody else can get them. Nut cannot forget her first real love and refuses Rangsee's wedding offer. After Nut's hesitation, they finally marry. This 1975 romantic movie หนี้รัก is 2h12mn long and was never released on VCD or DVD. In 2012, it was shown for the first time on Thai cable TV. It was first movie for Tanyarat Lohanan.

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