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Year: 1971

Thai title: คนึงหา
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Mitr Chaibancha,Prachuap Ruekyamdee,Daonoi Duangjai,Choomporn Theppitak
Main actress: Pissamai Wilaisak,Khomapat Attaya,Prim Praphaporn,Metta Roongrat

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Pum (Mitr Chaibancha) loves Deuan Chai but his parents want him to marry Prakai Fa (Khomapat Attaya), a young lady he doesn't love. Mitr consults his lawyer Pattai (Prachuap Ruekyamdee) and they set up a plan. As Deuan Chan is still studying in Japan for 8 months, they need to find a fake lady to convince the aunt (คุณหญิง) that Pum is already married to Deuan Chai and to cancel engagement with Prakai Fa. A job advertising is posted. Yai (Pissamai Wilaisak)(นางหนู), old style young lady, answers to it. Daonoi Duangjai is playing funny character as usual. The aunt is very direct (ปากร้ายใจดี). As wife and husband, Pum and Yai need to share the same room so it causes some issues. Pum's mother doesn't like Yai and wishes to cancel Pum and Deuan Chan's marriage. The mother tries to add jealousy between Pum and Yai by pretending Yai and Pattai are close together. Sathi (Metta Roongrat), close friend with Pum, has a fiance called Pirapee. Prakai Fa arrives and is shocked to discover Deuan Chan as she is supposed to get engaged with Pum. Pum is very jealous regarding Yai. It seems Yai has also a fiance (กุมาร) called Prasan (Choomporn Theppitak). In fact Yai, real name Ranaree, is coming from Songkhla and is also coming from a rich family. Her brother is Pirapee. She has to follow her parents' decision (ต้องทำตามคำสั่งของพ่อ). This movie features the last sequence in Mitr Chaibancha's life. Real Deuan Chan (Prim Praphaporn) is back so Yai prefers to leave. Pum has to disclose the truth to his aunt. The last sequence of the movie is using a replacement of the main actor as Mitr Chaibancha was already dead. Finally the movie ends happily with Pum and Yai staying together.

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