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Year: 1989

Thai title: ฟ้าส่างที่ฝั่งโขง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit
Main actress:

Thai movie ฟ้าส่างที่ฝั่งโขง was released in year 1989 and last 1h28mn. It is a romantic song movie. It was released under VHS format. Movie director is สันติ อเนกนนท์. It was first movie for Thai actress พนิดา พรหมพันธุ์ใจ. Multiple molam songs (หมอลำ) are featured in this musical romantic movie. Khaem (Bin Banleurit) is a villager leaving near the Mekong river. Khaem has an university diploma but has still no job so he is working as fisherman in his village. His family is poor. Young lady Siripon (พนิดา พรหมพันธุ์ใจ) has just finished her studies and is visiting her friend Araya (สุริวิภา กุลตังวัฒนา). Another male villager called Chatree likes Siripon. Both Chatree and Khaem try to seduce Siripon (คนเอาใจ) while visiting old prehistoric rocks along the Mekong river at Pha Taem National Park. Laotian side can be seen (มิตรภาพ). Khaem's father keeps drinking. He wishes his son could have a better life as he studied in university but finally, he ends up as doing same job as him, i.e. catching fish (หาปลา). Romantic balad on the Mekong river occurs with Siripon. Siripon likes Khaem and her friend Araya likes Chatree (น้องรักพี่เพราะว่าพี่รักน้อง). Siripon's parents are worried to have her staying long time on the countryside near the Mekong river. Khaem's father has a crisis. Siripon's father comes to pick up his daughter. Chatree finally gets interest in Araya as he knows he has no chance with Siripon. Khaem's father is now handicapped so he has difficulties to walk. Khaem trains him every day. Siripon is back to the city. Her mother is upset that Khaem visits Siripon and forbids any relationship as he has a poor background. Araya is going to marry Chatree. The father succeeds to convince the mother to change her mind after understanding that Khaem is a good guy. So Khaem and Siripon’s love can finally blossom.

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