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สงครามเพลง แผน 2
สงครามเพลง แผน 2

Year: 1990

Thai title: สงครามเพลง แผน 2
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Sayan Chantaraviboon

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Samart Payakaroon,Yodrak Salakjai,Note Chernyim,Manop Aussawathep,Boo Wibunnan,Ron Rittichai
Main actress: Trirak Rakkarndee

Thai movie สงครามเพลง แผน 2 was released in year 1990 and lasts 1h52mn. The movie was released under VHS format and VCD format. This musical movie is featuring real singers such as Sorapong Chatree (สรพงศ์ ชาตรี), Samart Payakaroon (สามารถ พยัคฆ์อรุณ), สุนารี ราชสีมา, หรั่ง ร็อคเคสตร้า, ทิพย์ ธรรมสิริ, Yodrak Salakjai (ยอดรัก สลักใจ). Movie director is Sayan Chantaraviboon. Yodrak and Note Chernyim are performing in an attraction park. Yodrak tries to protect lady Trirak (Trirak Rakkarndee) aggressed by ruffians led by Ping. Mat (Samart Payakaroon - สามารถ พยัคฆ์อรุณ) stops his Thai boxing match to help also. But Yodrak (Yodrak Salakjai) and Mat are fired from the attraction park for breaking rules. They end up in Pon's house. Pon (Sorapong Chatree) is Yodrak's old friend. Pon is a former singer, who had great success. He is now disabled. Pon had an accident. A car overthrown Pon and his girlfriend. Out of job, all friends have to do small jobs to earn money. Romance occurs between Su (สุนารี ราชสีมา) and Yodrak. Music producers conflicts occur between producer Ron Rittichai from Grand Opinion and producer Phanom (พนม) from Diamond Note as singer Rang invites Thip to sing on the stage. It is songs war (สงครามเพลง / สงครามธุรกิจ) between them. This rivalry causes singers to be enemies (ศัตรู). Singers cannot even contact each other such as Rang and Thip. As they have difficulties to pay debts, Pon is upset but he still is trying to sell his songs. Rang promises to help. Ping tries to aggress Thirak again. The friends have issues with Ping, Boo’s son, who threatens to burn Pon’s house as a revenge. Pon succeeds to sell two songs thanks to Rang’s help. Mat becomes a singer also. Lady from opposite side (สุนารี ราชสีมา) makes Mat to drink a lot. Producer Phanom copies Ron’s producer strategy (ลิขสิทธิ์ใหม่ / ลิขสิทธิ์เก่า). Phanom is helped by ธีรพงศ์ เหลียวรักวงศ์ to coerce Mat. Mat is too busy with work. The lady doesn't let him go back home. When back home, he found that Trirak is going to marry with one of the sons of Boo Wibunnan. Mat misses being an ordinary man as there is no rest when being a superstar singer. Finally, they get on well again. Grand Opinion Producer Ron decides to call back Pon. Pon has finished to write a song in honor of his deceased girlfriend. Young lady Thip (ทิพย์ ธรรมสิริ) has similar face as her and will be the one to sing this new song. A concert is organised to differentiate the two producers. Pon and Mat arrive by balloon. Thip sings Pon's new song. It is a huge success. Shooting happens as a revenge and Pon is shot (ถูกยิ่ง). The two producers accept to do peace to ensure Pon's death has a meaning.

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