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Year: 1984

Thai title: ลูกหนี้ทีเด็ด
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Lor Tok,Note Cheunyim,Doo Dook Kradon,Rith Luecha,Der Doksadao
Main actress: Piathip Kumwong,Malee Wetpraseri

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Thai movie ลูกหนี้ทีเด็ด was released in year 1984 and lasts 1h36mn. The movie was released under DVD format by company Happy Home Entertainment. The movie features many songs. A music orchestra (วงดนตรี) has difficulty to make a living. Part of the members include Note Cheunyim, Rop (ปัญญา นิรันดร์กุล), Doo Dook Kradon, Tranee (Der Doksadao). Their producer is Rith Luecha but they have no success. Rith Luecha is married to Bun Reuang (Piathip Kumwong). They have never time to take care about their daughter Ro Rak (จิตต์โสภิณ ลิมปิสวัสดิ์). พี่ Niaw as new producer tries to find new ideas. The group doesn't have expected success (หมดตัว) as concert halls remain almost empty. Last chance is to release a tape but Phi Niaw (Lor Tok) has to sell his house (ขายไม่ออก). His secretary Suphanee is also his wife. His friends ask Rop to marry Ro Rak as she is coming from rich family. He needs to seduce her first but he is not expert at all (กำลังโบ้เบ้ / อย่าลีลา). Rith is having affairs while his wife Bun Reuang is always out on charity events with a high society woman (คุณหญิง). Phi Niaw lost his car, his house and about to lose his wife as the other orchestra members suggest to use Suphanee to seduce Rith. The music orchestra is looking for a new style (เพลงสตริง) to be popular. Bun Reuang chases all of them away after seeing Rop trying to seduce her daughter and after knowing that Rith has given money without asking for reimbursement as Tranee always introduces beautiful ladies to him to ease loan requests... They leave for upcountry. Ro Rak hides in their van. Police is called by Bun Reuang. Rop is almost arrested for kidnapping a teen but finally released as the problems are coming from the fact that the parents are not talking each other. Bun Reuang needs to organize a concert for orphan children (เด็กกำพร้า) so she needs a music orchestra. Only Tranee's orchestra is she has to remove her complaint regarding unpaid debts. The concert is a huge success. She saves face. Rop and Ro Rak renew their friendship.

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