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Year: 2017

Thai title: มหาลัยวัวชน
English title: Song from Phatthalung

Rating: 5/5
Director: Boonsong Nakphoo

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie มหาลัยวัวชน / Song from Phatthalung was released in year 2017 and it lasts 2 hours. Director is Boonsong Nakphoo / บุญส่ง นาคภู่. The movie is using local Thai southern language, so it has even subtitles in Thai and English. Pong (เทอดพงศ์ เภอบาล) is a young lad being 18 years old. He is is disappointed as his girlfriend Beer needs to leave to Bangkok to study. She then stops answering his phone calls. Pong has no interest in local young lady Mind (ยุวดา โอฬาร์กิจ) bringing him food and proposing to go to see movies together. He just cannot forget Beer. Pong is keeping cows in Phatthalung's area. He gathers with a group of friends with Phi O (ทิวากร แก้วบุญส่ง), being the leader and writing songs. Phi O is also driving a songthaew as part job. Pong has difficulties to forget Beer so it makes him singing songs. His dream is to be a singer. Noi, owner of a pub, asks for Phi O's help. The pub is having financial issues since the military coup. The concert is a failure as people fight. Rubber price go down so life is tough in South Thailand. Phi O asks Pong to be himself on the stage and to stop copying others. All the musicians are working and have small jobs. They are trying to make easy money on fighting bulls but are still losing. They are a bunch of losers but have happiness being together. Phi O wishes to release a new album but they have no money. Phi O girlfriend is a teacher and is now 30 years old already, so she cannot wait any longer for him, but O is concerned as he hasn't achieved anything in his life. Their music is a bit similar style to Carabao with engaged songs. Phi O opens a music school and they prepare their own concert for villagers and family members. Beer is back with a new boyfriend, but it ends up badly as Pong gets beaten as he was complaining too hard that she dropped him as he is a poor non-handsome lad from countryside. Pong is fed up and decides to stop being a singer. Phi O complains about his childish behavior, but Pong flees as he cannot stand being lectured. He finally comes back and the concern is a success with a limited audience. All parents and relatives understand and appreciate their children’s skills. Phi O gets an offer from a Bangkok studio, but he prefers to stay in Phatthalung having happiness with his family and friends.

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