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ผู้บ่าวไทบ้าน 2 ตอน แจกข้าวหาแม่ใหญ่แดง
ผู้บ่าวไทบ้าน 2 ตอน แจกข้าวหาแม่ใหญ่แดง

Year: 2016

Thai title: ผู้บ่าวไทบ้าน 2 ตอน แจกข้าวหาแม่ใหญ่แดง
English title: E-san new old songs

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie E-san new old songs / ผู้บ่าวไทบ้าน 2 ตอน แจกข้าวหาแม่ใหญ่แดง was released in year 2016. It lasts 1h57mn. The movie is shot in Isan region. The movie is featured in Lao language and includes Thai subtitles. Daeng, a mother (แม่ใหญ่แดง), wishes that her daughter Pranee gives birth to her child in Isan instead of going overseas as suggested by her foreign husband. To find an excuse for her daughter to stay, the mother organise a feast to do blessings for herself and the local ancestors (งานใหญ่ทำบุญอุทิศ). Arguments between the mother and foreign son-in-law happens, i.e. having Molam music or outdoor movie at the feast. The mother Daeng needs to find an orchestra to perform Molam music but the usual Molam orchestra in the village doesn't exist anymore. Kaen (เคน) is a young Thai man fan of Korean music or K-Pop. The former orchestra leader Lung (พ่อคูณ) refuses to train Kaen as Molam leading singer (พระเอกหมอลำ). Nevertheless Lung still wants to recreate an old Molam group. A few young girls including Wan (วรรณ), aware of this, ask to join Lung's Molam group. Women, talking together, complain about Thai men drinking compared to foreigners. Children will have also a nicer face (หน้าตาดี) also! This movie features Molam Traditions passed to younger generation. Romance starts between Kaen, fan of K-Pop, and Isan girl Wan, fan of Molam. Wan is willing to stay here and doesn't want to go to Bangkok to work. The father doesn't want his daughter to become Molam singer so he plans to send her to Bangkok to work with her aunt. Misunderstanding happens as Kaen carries Som, another young lady, who is injured at the foot. Disappointed, Wan plans to go to Bangkok. Similar to movie สวรรค์บ้านนา (1983), Kaen sings a song to show his love to Fan live on the local radio station. They get reunited. Big molam orchestra (ถอกคูน เสียงแคน) is finally featured at the festival organised by Daeng. Both Kaen and Fan are the main singers. Once all youngsters are gone, only old ladies remain in Isan villages...

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