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Year: 1998

Thai title: สิงคะนองนา
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Dam Datsakorn,Pao Porapak
Main actress:

Thai movie สิงคะนองนา was released in year 1998 and lasts 1h26mn. It is an Isan musical movie with multiple Molam songs. Pho Jong (Dam Datsakorn) is the local village leader, who lends money to villagers and becomes rich by collecting interests (เก็บดอกเบี้ย). For เทพี annual festival, Pho Jong has selected a young lady, called See Wan, to represent the village. She is reluctant to join but has no choice as her mother Mae Kam Soi has debts towards Pho Jong. If she wins, then the reward will be used to pay the debts. Somrak and See Wan love each other but Somrak is poor. See Wan's mother, being an alcoholic, wishes her daughter to marry Jit, Pho Jong's son. Jit is a useless guy and is only doing debts collection. Duangjai is Pho Jong's daughter. Jit tries to seduce See Wan. It causes a misunderstanding between See Wan and Somrak. Somrak is disappointed to see See Wan sitting on Jit's motorbike. The popular way to travel in the village is to use an iron buffalo (tiller with big wheels used in rice fields). Pho Jong plans to control the festival victory with local subdistrict headman (กำนัน) support (เจนภพ จบกระบวนวรรณ). Sing, Somrak's friend, seduces Duangjai and a relationship starts. Jit invites a Mickael Jackson double and convinces his father it is the real one! Pho Jong is tired that his son is useless. Jit promises to change and is convinced that a wedding with See Wan will make him a better man. Pho Jong organises an engagement parade to See Wan's mother house in order to ask for See Wan's hand. The mother Kam Soi is of course willing. Some other villagers tease Pho Jong that He is rich because of heavy interest (100ละสิบ) he is always asking for. It is a reference to famous movie มนต์รักลูกทุ่ง featuring the song สิบหมื่น. See Wan announces she refuses the wedding as she loves Somrak and she will not join the beauty contest. Upset, Jit hires Pao Porapak to kidnap See Wan. See Wan is kidnapped by Pao and his men but See Wan’s friends alert the villagers. Pho Jung is upset with his son's behaviour and joins the efforts to release See Wan. Somrak, Duangjai, Sing and his friends also join. Fighting occurs. Kidnappers get killed. Jit apologizes and Pho Jung accepts his daughter to marry Sing. Somrak and See Wan can finally have happiness.

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