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Year: 1972

Thai title: ขวัญใจลูกทุ่ง
English title: My sweet heart

Rating: 3/5
Director: ศรีไพร ใจพระ

Main actor: Nard Poowanai,Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri,Sukon Koewliam,Lor Tok,Chaiya Suriyun,Rujira Isarangkul,Op Boonthit,Paen Pleumsachai,Songthong,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Chosri Misommon

Thai movie ขวัญใจลูกทุ่ง / My sweet heart was released in year 1972 and lasts 2h27mn. Movie director is ศรีไพร ใจพระ. The movie was never released on VHS, VCD, DVD in Thailand. It is only available under 35mm film format, but it was very damaged with colors almost lost. ศรีไพร ใจพระ and บุปผา สายชล were famous singers (นักร้องลูกทุ่ง) since movies ชาติลำชี and มนต์รักลูกทุ่ง shot by รังสี ทัศนพยัคฆ์. They were husband and wife. Movie ขวัญใจลูกทุ่ง was the first movie directed and produced by ศรีไพร and featuring his wife บุปผา as main actress. Chaiya Suriyun was supposed to the main actor in this movie. He started to play in a few sequences, but problems occurred. So, the main actor was changed to Nat Poowanai, who was a new actor who just played in a few movies. Surprisingly Chaiya can still be seen on the movie poster and in a few sequences of the movie. Chot character, played by Chaiya, is killed after a fighting sequence where Chaiya is shot by ruffians. The movie features many actors and actresses such as Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri, Chosri Misommon, Sukon Koewliam, Lor Tok, Chaiya Suriyun, Nard Puwanai, Rujira Isarangkul, Op Boonthit, Paen Pleumsachai, Songthong, Sithao Petcharoen, วงศ์ทอง ผลานุสนธิ์, พูนสวัสดิ์ ธีมากร, ทานทัต วิภาตะโยธิน,แคหลอ, ชูศรี โรจนประดิษฐ์, ขุนแผน, ถนอม นวลอนันต์, เปี๊ยก, พิม พิไลลักษณ์. 12 songs are featured in this musical movie. Kamthorn Suwanpiyasiri (ลูกกำนัน) wants to seduce Kratin (บุปผา สายชล). Kratin watches boat races with Champi (Chosri Misommon). Sithao Petcharoen is the referee. Uncle Khaem (Rujira Isarangkul) prevents Kratin to meet Yot (Nard Poowanai). He has already a planned engagement with Kamthorn as Yot is a poor man. Kratin is Khaem's granddaughter. Chot (Chaiya Suriyun) and Sri Phrai (ศรีไพร ใจพระ) arrive in the village. Thai boxing match free style is organized and Sri Phrai, despite being a weak opponent, wins. Khaem loses a lot of money. He is upset that Kamthorn makes profit on him. Sri Phrai wishes to marry Kratin. Kamthorn and his ruffians (including Paen Pleumsachai) agress Kratin. Phi Chot and his friends help. Kamthorn gets defeated but one of the ruffians shoots Phi Chot. Op Boonthit plays a Chinese merchant. Hippy Songthong arrives from Bangkok. Uncle Khaem wishes to marry Kratin with Songthong. He is fired as he misbehaves. Next day, a man similar to Songthong with a lady Lin, claiming to be Yot's girlfriend, is having a drink in a cafe. Khaem and his team capture him. The lady flees and meets Kamthorn, who tells her that Yot has already another girlfriend named Kratin. Songthong is covered with flour and chased away. Lin visits Yot and Kratin sees them together so it is causing a misunderstanding. Khaem has to excuse towards Songthong. As a revenge, Songthong is parading the uncle through the city. Following Kratin and Yot pleas, Songthong releases him. The movie ends up happily with uncle Khaem allowing Yot and Kratin to marry, Kamthorn having a romance with Lin.

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