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Year: 1971

Thai title: มนต์รักป่าซาง
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Pichai Noylod

Main actor: Sombat Methanee,Kanchit Kwanpracha,Anucha Ratanaman,Daonoi Duangjai
Main actress: Petchara Chaowarat,Sopha Sataporn,Metta Roongrat

Thai movie มนต์รักป่าซาง was released in 1971. Main actors and actresses include Sombat Methanee, Petchara Chaowarat, Kanchit Kwanpracha, ถนอม นวลอนันต์, ฤทธี นฤบาล, ธงชัย มิตรประชา, Anucha Ratanaman, เนตรดาว, เสถียร ธรรมเจริญ, เสน่ห์ โกมารชุน, Sopha Sataporn, Daonoi Duangjai, Metta Roongrat, ธิดา, เมืองเริง ปัทมินทร์. Movie director is พิชัย น้อยรอด (Pichai Noylod). The film was never released on VHS / VCD / DVD format but a sequence in 16mm format can still be seen in Thailand as one reel is left. As it is a musical movie, so when projecting the movie, the dubber had to use a record to play the songs. One song, i.e. a molam song, is available online. Before the title sequence, a song is featured as the movie opening with ไวพจน์ เพชรสุพรรณ as musician playing reed-mouth organs (แคน). It introduces a new main actor called ธงชัย มิตรประชา. A movie summary is still available. Nakrop (Sombat Methanee), Samong Thong (Kanchit Kwanpracha), Ket (ถนอม นวลอนันต์), Santi (ธงชัย มิตร ประชา), Kong Jak (ฤทธี นฤบาล) are all civil servants and have to go to Pa Chang district. On the way to Pa Chang, Nakrop sees an ordination parade where beautiful teacher Palap Pleung (Petchara Chaowarat) is dancing. Nakrop falls in love with her. Meanwhile Ong At (Anucha Ratanaman), a rich and influential ruffian in Doi Mae Rang, also notices teacher Palap Pleung. Loving the teacher for a long time, he tries to kidnap her during the ordination parade. Hopefully Nakrop intervenes and stops Ong At. Nakrop promises to visit teacher Palap Pleung soon again. Nakrop goes to Lam Duan hill and have lunch in a restaurant owned by เสน่ห์ โกมารชุน. At the same time, ruffians leader Kam Maen (เสถียร ธรรมเจริญ) is having lunch with his daughter Malika (เนตรดาว) and Ong At. Malika has arguments with Neua Hom (Daonoi Duangjai), who gets beaten by Kam Maen. Nakrop intervenes but Sarapee (Sopha Sataporn), daughter of the restaurant owner, uses a rifle to stop any fighting. Unhappy, Kam Maen and Ong At have to leave. Kong Jak and Samong Thong also travel to Lam Duan hill. Having car issues, they get help from lady Dok Kaew (Metta Roongrat). Kong Jak falls in love with Dok Kaew. Meanwhile Sarapee is captured by Kam Maen’s men as revenge. Dok Kaew, aware of the kidnapping, suspects Kam Maen’s men. Samong Thong and Kong Jak help to release Sarapee. Sarapee doesn’t dare to stay in her father’s restaurant anymore and takes refuge in teacher Palap Pleung’s home. Santi is the last one to travel. He visits Orasa (ธิดา) and disguises himself as a singer. That night, Ong At has a meeting with Chaiyan (เมืองเริง ปัทมินทร์) regarding contraband weapons. Ong At wants Orasa to sit at his table but she refuses. As he forces her, Santi intervenes. Both Santi and Orasa flee and meet their friends at Pa Chang. In Pak Chang, all couples can enjoy romance, but Santi and Samong Thong are kidnapped by ruffians. Nakrop helps to release them but Kam Maen’s men kidnap the three ladies. Nakrop kidnaps Malika in order to be able to bargain with Kam Maen. Following fighting, the three ladies are able to flee. Knowing that a weapon deal will happen soon, Nakrop asks Thai police’s help. Ong AT dies following a gun duel with Nakrop. Romances can blossom.

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