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เปิงมาง กลองผีหนังมนุษย์
เปิงมาง กลองผีหนังมนุษย์

Year: 2007

Thai title: เปิงมาง กลองผีหนังมนุษย์
English title: The Haunted Drum

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Pisarn Akraseranee
Main actress: Woranut Wongsawan

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Ping wishes to become a musician. He becomes a student of Master Duang, a famous master musician. Master Duang owned the mysterious drum called Peung Mang, which is said to have been made by the skin of a beautiful woman named Thip. Ping falls in love with a beautiful girl who teaches him how to master drum skills but she is in fact the ghost leaving inside the drum. Meanwhile, an arrogant musician called Muan tried to convince all the students to leave Master Duang. Some students died horribly. Even if Muan is defeated by Ping during a drum contest, things get worst and the drum becomes not only an instrument of music but also an instrument of death.

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