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Year: 2006

Thai title: ผีคนเป็น
English title: The victim

Rating: 2/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Penpak Sirikul

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Young woman Ting is learning acting. Police asks her to play a lady who is killed in an attempt to re-enact a crime scene. She is concerned to irritate spirits by playing dead people but police mentions it is for good purpose, i.e. catch the killer! She has to play Min, a lady who was recently killed. Ting visits Min's best close friend Fai. When playing Min, Ting has visions and discover that Fai is the one, who killed Min. Finally the movie stops and all the story was a movie inside the movie. The young lady is called Nong Mae. All the main participants involved in the movie shooting are killed one after another. Even Nong Mae behavior has started to change when she starts to wear a tiara given by an unknown person. She investigates what the spirit is looking from her. While on the set filming the movie and in real life, Nong Mae seems to be possessed by a spirit...

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