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Year: 2006

Thai title: เปนชู้กับผี
English title: The Unseeable

Rating: 4/5
Director: Wisit Sasanatieng

Main actor:
Main actress: Tasawan Saneewong

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The action takes place around 1930's. Nuanchan is looking for her husband, who has disappeared one year ago following a business trip. She arrives in a old traditional Thai wooden house where he is supposed to have stayed. She is pregnant. The house supervisor, Somjit, allows her to stay but told her not to go in the main building house as it is forbidden as the house ruler, Run-juan, doesn't want to be disturbed. Choi, a domestic helper, mentions she has never seen the house ruler face. Every fifteen days, food is offered at the spirit shrine and she saw a hand grabbing food... Nobody dares going out at night time. There are also rumours about a lady with long hairs who hanged her-self in the garden. Nuanchan misses her husband but mysteriously his face is never shown. Nuanchan delivered the baby. Choi wants to bury the birth remains in the soil as there is an old belief that the spirit "Phi Kraseu" (ผีกระสือ) will eat such food at night time. The house ruler Run-juan has lost her husband and there are rumours she is bringing a lover at night time. The house ruler Run-juan wants to take care of the baby as she never had the occasion to have a baby before. Choi disappeared. One day Nuanchan finds her husband in the garden. He is not able to tell the whole truth but he is staying with the house ruler lady and asks Nuanchan to leave for her own safety. Finally truth is known. Chob is in fact the house ruler lady's husband, who had an infidelity with Nuanchan. So Nuanchan is the mistress! Afraid to loose him, the house ruler lady stabbed him to death. Somjit, seeing the event, fell from the stairs and died. Choi is also a ghost. All people are ghosts. Nuanchan also is a ghost as she hanged her-self before but she still refuses the truth so continues to come to the house to search for her husband. Even if the third movie of Wisit Sasanatien was not as colorful as two previous works, he received a lot of praise for the homage given to films of the 1930s.

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