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Year: 2019

Thai title: พี่นาค
English title: Pee Nak

Rating: 4/5
Director: Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie พี่นาค / Pee Nak was released in year 2019 and lasts 1h49mn. The movie director is Phontharis Chotkijsadarsopon. It is a Five Star Production. This is a movie mixing comedy and horror. A young man, who wants to become a monk in a Buddhist temple, sees a strange ceremony happening in the main chapel. He sees ghosts performing a ceremony and runs away. The ghosts catch him, and he ends up hanged under the main entrance of the temple. Four former students, including Kot / Nong / Balloon / First, meet in a bus. Three of them are katoey (กะเทย). The bus driver sees in his mirror that one of the young men, Kot, has no head anymore, meaning he will die soon. The driver faints and the bus has an accident. Kot dies in the crash. Nong's father wishes his son to ordain, but he is not willing. Finally, a monk convinces him. The three young men decide to ordain to pay respect to their friend Kot, who just died. The chosen temple is just near the bus crash location. This is the Buddhist temple, where the young man willing to ordain was found hanged. A monk gives an amulet to Nong, saying it will be useful in the future. Many strange events (แปลกๆ) occur in the Buddhist temple. Ot is a temple boy helping the temple abbot. Temple funeral happens for the young man found hanged. Only his sister joins as their parents are dead. Nong likes the young lady. Friends First and Balloon are responsible for keeping the dead body during nighttime. First and Balloon are afraid of ghosts (ผีหลอก). The body has disappeared from the coffin, but they find it back. They discover that nobody ever ordains in this Buddhist temple. All people about to become ordained (นาค) die first. The three friends start to be worried as they only ordain to pay merit to defunct (บวชแก้บน) and not to become monk (บวชพระ). Some local people complain that กะเทย cannot ordain. They face a crazy aunt in the Buddhist temple taking care of a shrine (ศาล). She believes Nong is a young man she wrongly recognizes. The spirit warns Nong not to ordain if he doesn't want to die. The abbot tells them it is still very important to ordain. It is related to the Buddhist story regarding Nak (นาค - people who are going to the Buddhist temple and about to become ordained). As the spirit is a Nak unable to ordain, he refuses that anybody else can ordain. The abbot is found dead in his cell. The ordination ceremony for the three friends shall continue to support the novice and the temple boy. Tui. Balloon’s boyfriend breaks up with Balloon by SMS. Balloon is upset and destroys the shrine through a crisis. The three friends start to understand the story. A few years ago, a mother was bringing his son, a former ruffian for ordination in this Buddhist temple. Her son died while being ordained. She has become crazy since that time. They finally repair the shrine to ease the spirit. On the following day, they shall ordain. First's father is coming. The spirit is still upset and wishes to kill them. As the spirit wishes to ordain, they open the grave but cannot find the body. In order to ease the spirit, they do perform an ordination ceremony through an iPad with a remote abbot as the local abbot is dead. But it fails as one of the questions is about if the candidate to ordination is human or not. A ghost is not human (ไม่ได้เป็นมนุษย์). Finally the spirit listens to his mother and accepts to leave this world. The ordination of the 3 friends can happen peacefully.

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