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Year: 2014

Thai title: เกมปลุกผี
English title: Ghost Coins

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie Ghost Coins / เกมปลุกผี was released in year 2014 and it lasts 1h34mn. It is Five Star Production. It reminds a bit about Thai movie เงินปากผี released in year 1981 by Five Star Production also. Teens Ton and Jack like to play new games such as catching ghosts (ตกผี). The best school student Tor is brought forcibly by two other students, Ton and Jack, as he misbehaved with a young girl called Bi (ชดใช้ความผิด). Tor has to dig inside a cemetery (ป่าช้า) while Ton is filming him with his smartphone. Things get worse as Ton wakes up ghosts through his game as he steals a gold coin from a corpse (เงินปากผี). He ends up chained with Tor. Meanwhile Jack has disappeared looking for Bi. Ton and Tor take refuge in a remote Buddhist temple but Ton doesn't want to stay as he is looking for Jack. They see a man stealing gold teeth from corpses. Everybody has his karma to pay for (กรรมมัน กรรมใคร). Ton has horrific visions as he stole the gold coin. A lady visits the monk asking him to disrobe (ศึก) and to honour his promise to marry her. As he refuses, she intends to do whatever necessary to have him disrobed. Ton vomits a coin. Ton, Tor and Bi are linked together in a previous life (กรรมในอาทิตย์) through the father, the monk and the lady. They need to give back the coin. The father imprisoned the young lady as she refused to forget his son. He hit and raped her. He finally attached her to a drowning boat and the young monk didn't help her. During this life, it is time for Ton to pay for his bad karma from previous life. The ghost of the lady prevents him to escape from his car sinking in the river. Tor survives as he helps the lady in this life.

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