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ห้อง หลอก หลอน
ห้อง หลอก หลอน

Year: 2014

Thai title: ห้อง หลอก หลอน
English title: The Rooms

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai horror movie “The Rooms” / ห้อง หลอก หลอน was released in year 2014. It lasts 1h47mn. It features three short stories. The first one is “Green Sonata”. Two people wishing to buy an old house are having ghosts vision. They ask the salesman to tell them the story of this house. Khun Luang was a musician having little time for his family. He was married to Anna. She was sick due to a specific rare syndrome that made her paralyzed. Phi Boonleu used young lady Phupan, whom he saved from fire, to pay back his debts. Phi Boonleu was disfigured due to that fire. A brothel owner used Phupan as domestic helper. Khun Luang started to be fed up to wait for improvement regarding Anna's health. Khun Luang visited the brothel and went with Phupan. Phupan accepted as she could pay back her debts in one time. When Boonleu learnt this, he chased Phupan away. Phupan had no choice but to go to Khun Luang's home. Anna was fully aware when they made love near her. Boonleu was aware that Phupan was now with Khun Luang. The love stories ended up tragically and bloodily... The second one is “Yesterday”. A ruffian leader stays in a hotel room with his bodyguard. Seeing a ghost, the bodyguard kills his boss by mistake. Unable to get rid properly of the body, he finally gets suicide as he keeps seeing the ghosts linked to previous deaths in this hotel room. This story mixes horror and comedy. The third one is “Honeymoon suite”. Three girl friends arrive in Bangkok and stay in a Honeymoon suite. One has been dropped by her boyfriend. While waiting for her friends doing shopping, she meets a young handsome man. There is immediate attraction between them. Following an old tale, the friends decide to cut apple skin at midnight in order to see their life mate in a mirror but it turns badly. Finally the young man doesn't come to the next date with her. Her friends learn that he dies during the day during a car accident. The young lady also realizes she died from a boat accident as she vomits sea water only...

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