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โคลิค เด็กเห็นผี
โคลิค เด็กเห็นผี

Year: 2006

Thai title: โคลิค เด็กเห็นผี
English title: Colic

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Pregant Prae marries Pong. Pong was not in hurry to marry but he has no choice. They stay at Pong's mother home. Benn is Pong's sister but following the tragic death of her husband (burnt alive), she has lost part of her faculties. Tragically Benn dies also in a fire accident and Prae, shocked, has an earlier baby delivery. Their new son never stops crying up to the point the relationship between Prae and Ping gets tense. A doctor suggests a colic symptom but after three months the baby is still crying. A monk suggests to closely care about the baby until he is one year old. Mysterious events happen in the house. It looks like somebody else is living there also. It look like the baby is afraid of something but cannot speak. Can the baby see ghosts? Is the baby autist? Many possibilities are investigated by Prae. Prae escapes to a mortal accident thanks to the warning cries of the baby. Unfortunately Pong's mother dies in a traffic accident. The monk analyses that the baby fright is linked to his bad karma and to the very bad actions he has done in his previous life. The one year deadline is an important event to be reached. Serious accidents happen to Pong and Prae. On the first year birthday eve, spirits get wild to kill the baby. Finally the family stays safe and it is known that Benn's husband was an officer who is responsible of the death of 5 students hanged during the student street demonstrations. His spirit has been reborn into Pong and Prae's baby.

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