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Year: 2014

Thai title: รักเราเขย่าขวัญ
English title: She Devil

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie รักเราเขย่าขวัญ / She Devil was released in year 2014. It lasts 1h39mn. This movie mixes horror and comedy similar to the 1990s movies but with a much higher budget. Four comic relief characters are part of the movie. A mother is trying to marry her son Veun, who is a nice simple guy but still single. His mother is very possessive. He finally married a young lady called Ploy but she never smiles. It is an arranged marriage. Ploy’s mother asks her to never remove her necklace (สายสิญจน์แม่). On the wedding day, she is crying at night time and mumbling mantra while holding the necklace. The bed is shaking and it seems there is somebody in the wardrobe. On following days, wishing to make a surprise to Ploy, Veun removes her necklace to replace it by a gold necklace. It causes a big mess as she asks it back immediately. Veun realises Ploy becomes a ghost at nighttime and hits her trying to escape the ghost. Ploy tells it started to happen when she visited Kalong waterfall a few years ago. Her own mother is aware but hid this to Veun’s family. Not willing to cause any more problems, Ploy decides to leave. She finally gets reunited with Veun. Ploy and Veun decide to see a monk and also a witch doctor (หมอผี) to get hints to get rid of ghost. The monk believes Ploy is facing double personality syndrome. A little monk is seen near Ploy when she faints near the river bank. Veun brings Ploy to honeymoon in order to find a solution far from his mother. While possessed, Ploy always says a weird sentence. Later on, a policeman identifies that it means “i want to go home” in Burmese language. Veun brings Ploy to Kalong waterfall and has to face the Burmese spirit wishing to bring Ploy with him. Thanks to the little monk’s support, the spirit is pushed back and finally leaves this world with the little monk. Ploy and Veun can be happy and have a child for the grandmother.

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