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Year: 2014

Thai title: ฝากไว้...ในกายเธอ
English title: The Swimmers

Rating: 4/5

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Main actress:

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Thai movie "The Swimmers" / ฝากไว้...ในกายเธอ was released in year 2014. It lasts 1h55mn. Tan and Perth are close friends. They are both joining swimming competitions. Ice was Tan's girlfriend. Ice jumped to death from the swimming pool high diving board. It looks like a suicide. Perth wins gold medal at the Thai national competition but Tan wasn't competing. Perth has a new girlfriend called Mint. It is almost Ice's 100th death commemoration. There is only one place left for the sport university. Tan is perturbed. He finds that Ice was pregnant. He wants to kill the one who caused Ice to commit suicide. There are movies flashbacks. Perth always liked Ice before. As Tan had no time to teach Ice how to swim, Perth did it. Perth loved Ice but it couldn't be reciprocal as Tan was already her boyfriend. Ice's mother lits a big incense stick to let Ice spirit find back her home. Finally as the story goes forward, it is found that Ice broke up with Tan. As it wasn't really official, Tan still wishes to enquiry and repair Ice's mobile phone to find data on her facebook account. Perth's mother is pregnant with Perth's swimming teacher. As Ice was pregnant, they finally resolved to abortion. Ice changed mind at last minute. To avoid being suspected by Tan, Perth puts the blame on another university student, who is beaten. Perth starts to have terrific visions and even to believe he is pregnant himself. Suspicion goes on Perth. Perth starts to believe Ice spirit wants to rebirth. Ice took a strong medicine to kill the fetus and Perth buried it. Finally it is understood that Ice wanted to go back with Tan. As Perth refused, a fighting happened and Ice broke accidentally her neck. Perth transformed this into a suicide. Perth doesn't join the Thai competition to defend his title as he knows he cannot defeat Tan. Tan is waiting Perth at the swimming for a final deadly confrontation... The movie made 67M Baht revenue.

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