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Year: 2014

Thai title: ร่าง
English title: The Parallel

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Paula Taylor

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Thai movie The Parallel / ร่าง was released in year 2014. Mobai's mother dies in her shop while fighting against a robber. Amy's boyfriend drugs her to force an illegal abortion while she is not aware. Mobai's mother as a ghost continues to protect her daughter whenever she faces adversity. Mobai is mute since the murder. A nurse in the orphanage dies as she tries to slap Mobai. Amy (Paula Taylor) always calls her mum on the phone. Mobai only talks to her doll since her mother is dead. Finally Amy welcomes Mobai in her home. Both have been hurt by life. Police is also investigating on the mysterious deaths linked to Mobai's presence. Amy finds the illegal abortion clinic and realises that her former boyfriend Am brings another girl for abortion. He chases her away (เลิกยุ่ง). The same night he dies emasculated (ช้างน้อย). Amy has difficulties to have Mobai studying at home. Amy's friend brings a modern medium (หมอผี) to inspect her home. The house is full of anxiety (บ้านเต็มความห่วง). The abortion clinic doctor is also killed. Police inspector (หมด) finds strange that Amy's car is often seen around that clinic (อย่าจ้องเวรกับคนที่ทำร้ายคุณ). Will Amy be the one taking revenge? Finally it is discovered that \Amy's own mother, who also died tragically, was also still protecting her daughter... Mobai and Amy can finally live happily.

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