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Year: 2013

Thai title: โลงจำนำ
English title: Pawn Shop

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Krissada Sukosol
Main actress:

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Thai movie โลงจำนำ - Pawn Shop was released in year 2013. It is about spirit worshipping (การบูชาผี). The movie plays with the Thai words โลงจำนำ and โรงจำนำ (pawn shop). A middle age man owner of a pawn shop (โรงจำนำ) is having issues with his wife always complaining. Asking to become rich to his small spirit altar, the spirit accepts his request but he must kill his wife. Two young ladies including Som accept also to pay respect to ghost. They sell their soul (วิญญาณ) to the ghost (จำนำตัวเองกับผี). A lady customer looking to pawn her belongings accepts 1M baht if she also pays respect to the ghost. Dao and her boyfriend often argue. Many people including the boyfriend (Krissada Sukosol) accepts to pledge to the spirit versus 1M baht as they are in desperate need of money. Krissada boasts to be not afraid (ไม่กลัวมัน). They are put in a locked room and are facing their worst nightmares. The movie features beautiful graphics and sound. There is doubt if their scary visions are reality or nightmares. Krissada killed a young girl by accident by hurting her with his car at night time. He exchanges his life against the little girl's life (ปัญหาแห่งความตาย).

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