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ศพเด็ก 2002
ศพเด็ก 2002

Year: 2011

Thai title: ศพเด็ก 2002
English title: The Unborn Child

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Krailat Kriengkrai
Main actress:

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Thai movie ศพเด็ก 2002 (The Unborn Child) lasts 1h32mn. A lady aborts in an illegal abortion centre. The doctor puts all the dead foetuses in a dirty storage area. A young couple is having a 5 years old daughter called Yinmai. The small daughter always sees an invisible little sister (น้อง). Both Yinmai's parents start to have frightening visions. Bom makes his teenage girlfriend, called Kwan, pregnant. Kwan has to think about various ways to get rid of the foetus as Bom is worried about his future if he has a child so early. Being pregnant, she risks to be fired from the school. She asks a friend for help. The teenager Kwan decides to use an illegal abortionist. Through a scary sequence, the teenager aborts. Once the job is finished, the abortionist gives the dead foetuses to the temple caretaker. Veteran actor Krailat Kriengkrai is playing the temple caretaker. Kwan and Bom's teacher is Yinmai's mother. She is informed by other students and sends Kwan in hospital. The little invisible sister spirit starts to invite Yinmai to play dangerous games causing fear to her parents. The husband puts an infrared camera in the bedroom. Strange pictures are captured. At evening time, the temple caretaker burns bags containing foetuses in the crematorium. As the crematorium mysteriously stops working, the caretaker has to stock the numerous dead foetuses in a filthy place. The abortionist sees herself as helping the society. The spirit gets revenge over the abortionist as it prevented the spirit to rebirth through the baby. The abortionist knows it is a sin (เป็นบาป) but she does it for money (เงิน). Abortionist and temple caretaker are arrested by the police. The mother is also possessed by the spirit. Both Yinmai and her mother disappear. The father finds them in the Buddhist temple but he is overwhelmed by dead foetuses spirits. The husband stays in coma as a karmic consequence of his bad actions. In fact, he forced his mistress to abort as she was getting pregnant. This movie is based on a real story. Abortion in Thailand is illegal. In year 2010, 2002 dead foetuses, wrapped in plastic bags, have been found in a Buddhist Temple's mortuary rooms. The discoveries made big noise in Thailand and shown the huge scale of illegal abortions. In Thailand, the abortion procedure is only allowed when delivery would endanger the mother or if the pregnancy is due to a rape.

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