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Year: 2010

Thai title: ตายทั้งกลม
English title: The Snow White

Rating: 3/5

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Main actress:

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O is a nurse. Her boyfriend is Koff, who is also working in the hospital. Yong is a medicine student having poor academic results. His girlfriend tries to push him (ตั้งใจเรียน). Yong's mother believes his poor results are linked to his girlfriend so if he doesn't pass the next exams, she will send him abroad. Yong needs to find a solution. Tong, Yong’s friend, is very shy with girls and is humiliated by his friends. After reading a book about black magic, Yong proposes to help Tong. Knowing that a pregnant woman without relatives died recently, Yong takes its dead baby and oil from her chin at the morgue. Koff sees them but keeps it secret per Ying's request. Yong makes a baby spirit or “kuman thong” (กุมารทอง) and love philter. Tong starts to have success with girls thanks to the love filter. Yong uses the “kuman thong” to help him passing the exams. He gets the highest grade. But there is nothing free in this world, so sooner or later Tong and Yong will have to pay back... Yong's food starts to be filled of foetus parts. Tong starts to seduce many girls at the same time but he starts to see them as dead spirits. While trying to axe them, he is shot dead by the police. Koff gets his legs and arms broken by the spirit. Doctor and his girlfriend O believes it is an accident. After getting the truth from Yong, O finally believes in this ghost story. Yong dies in the same fire he burnt the “kuman thong” doll. O finds the man that makes the dead lady pregnant. He dropped her as he was married already. She died by accident when falling from the stairs following an argument. The spirit then takes revenge on Koff as he didn't help her when she was missing oxygen and even had necrophilia with her. O is then stabbed by a crazy guy in the hospital as she didn't help when Koff was endangered. All people involved in this sad story die. Only Koff survives but he becomes crazy.

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